Dota 2: What heroes to pick against Ursa?

Apr 18 2020 2 min read

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There are many Dota 2 heroes that can be considered as "explosive". Some of them are only good when they get a lot of items, whereas others can literally explode at any minute. One of those heroes that can kill you even if he has absolutely no items is Ursa. Whether you like the bear or not, she is capable of ripping through the enemy lineups. That's why she is often referred to as one of the best snowball heroes in the game. 

Even though Ursa is pretty strong, there are certain elements from the hero that can be used against her. That's why we've decided to list several heroes that can be very good against Ursa. Without further ado, let's check them out.


Ah, yes, the gold old Broodmother. This hero is a nightmare to play against in most cases, but this is especially true when it comes down to Ursa. The spider can easily kite the bear for ages, which is what Ursa fears the most. After all, she doesn't have an uptime, she won't be able to deal any damage.


Speaking of kiting, there is one hero that does it best and that's Venomancer. Once his Venomous Gale Hits Ursa, the hero is pretty much done because he will be slowed and won't be able to use his dagger for the next 20 or so seconds. As a result, if you're playing Ursa and there is a Venomancer in the enemy team, simply try to kill him first so that he doesn't give you a headache later.


The last hero that we'll put on this list is none other than Viper, one of the most annoying heroe sin Dota 2, period. Thanks to his ultimate that pierces everything, this hero can easily kite Ursa for ages and not allow him to do anything in fights. To make matters worse, Viper can even buy an Aghanim's Scepter and be even more effective against the bear. 



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