Dota 2: What heroes to pick against Meepo?

Feb 11 2020 2 min read

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Meepo is a hero that's capable of upsetting the plans of most Dota 2 players. Usually picked last due to the risk of being contered, Meepo has the potential of winning the game alone ,especially when he has a good start.

However, if you're fortunate enough to be in a game where you have the chance to pick a hero after Meepoi is picked, you have to do it wisely. This is we we decided to give you a list of the top three heroes that can be extremely good against Meepo, given the circumstances.

Let's dive in.


Ah yes, the classic pick against every hero who has some sort of clones or illusions. Despite playing as a support in most cases, Earthshaker has the firepower to prevent Meepo from taking over the game, especially early on. However, it is important to note that this ES is only strong during the early to mid game against Meepo. If the hero gets too much farm, he will be way too tanky, even for the firepower of Earthshaker's ultimate.

Ember Spirit

Despite the fact that Ember is not as good as he used to be against Meepo, he is still one of the strongest hero against illusion/clone based heroes due to his Slight of Fist. However, in order for him to be effective, Ember needs to buy the proper items such as Battlefury, Daedalus, etc. 

In other words, if you go for the so-called "tempo-controller" build, you won't be able to do much against Meepo, especially later on.

Templar Assassin

Last, but definitely not least, we have Templar Assassin. Unlike the other heroes on this list, this one is not really known for dealing a lot of AoE damage. Instead, TA is one of the most effective single-target deamage dealers in the game. So, if this hero buys the proper items, she is capalbe of killing anyone in just a matter of seconds, including Meepo.


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