Dota 2: What heroes to pick against Juggernaut?

Apr 06 2020 2 min read

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Juggernaut is often a hero that finds himself to be the top meta carry. He is easy to play, deals loads of damage and is fairly hard to kill, which is why you can find many teams that pick him regularly in the pro scene. As for pub games, Juggernaut has long been considered as one of the most popular heroes there.

In fact, the current meta right now is also favoring this hero a lot because he farms really fast and is capable of getting his items fast. Having said that, here are some of the heroes that can be really strong against him.


This is a hero that can be often underestimated, especially early on. However, whenever he gets a couple of items, the situation completely changes. Suddenly, Clinkz can become very tanky, which will allow him to tank Omnislash. What's more, he can always just turn invis and cancel the spell, which will leave Juggernaut empty-handed.


The water beast is often regarded as one of the best hard carries in Dota 2. That's why it's no surprise that he can is very good against Juggernaut. You see, Yurnero is strong but he doesn't deal as much damage against target switch high armor. That's why Morph is incredibly good here because he has tons of armor and can tank Jugg's abilities. What's more, he can also use his ult and put a healing ward on the ground which will make him even harder to kill.


Doom can be considered as a counter to pretty much any hero in Dota 2, which is why he is on this list. It's safe to say that this hero has one of the strongest ultimate in Dota 2, which is why is perfect against all those single-core lineups. Needless to say, Juggernaut often finds himself in these starts.


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