Dota 2: What heroes to pick against Invoker?

Feb 11 2020 3 min read

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Dota 2 has many iconic heroes that have a major role in making the game what it is today. One of those heroes is definitely Invoker. This powerful mid laner is one of the most unique MOBA heroes in existance, which is why it's no wonder that so many players love to play with him. 

However, while it's true that it can be absolutely amazing to play with this hero, playing against him can be a huge pain, especially when the Invoker player himself is pretty good. That's why it is very important to know which heroes you have to get if you want to have a chance at winning.

So, let's take a look at a couple of support and core heroes that are known for having a very good time against Invoker.

Nyx Assassin

The first hero that we will take a look at is Nyx. Even though there were people who loved to play with the hero in one of the three core positions, he definitely shines the most when he is put as a position four. Thanks to his incredibly-annoying spell called Mana Burn, this hero is capable of making the life of every Intelligence hero a living hell. Needless to say, this is why he is so good against Invoker. 

However, it gets even better. Thanks to the third skill of Nyx called Spiked Carapace, this hero can mess up Invoker's team-fight spells, which is his strongest weapons. 


The next hero that deserves to be on this list is probably one of the best last picks in Dota 2. Broodmother has the potential to crush any lane, as long as Sand King and Legion Commander aren't there. She is fast, does tons of damage, and can tank a lot of damage, which makes playing against her as Invoker really hard. For instance, Broodmother can easily dodge Invo's combos and then just sit on top of him and slowly kill him. Even if he uses Ghost Walk, it wouldn't do much because the pesky spider does tons of damage and has a slow as well.

Templar Assassin

Another hero that has the capability of demolishing Invoker, especially during the laning stage, is Templar Assassin. Although the first couple of levels might be a bit difficult, once TA gets her refraction up, he is capalbe of ripping through Invoker like a knife through butter.

In fact, even when the laning stage is over, Invoker is not really the type of a hero that is able to tank a lot of damage. On the contrary, he is vert weak against high-physical damage burst, which is where TA comes in. After all, everyone purchases a Desolator on the hero.


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