Dota 2 - Viper's Biggest Lane Counters

May 03 2020 2 min read

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Before we list some of the good heroes against Viper, it's worth pointing out that this is a hero that doesn't really have any big lane counters. He is just too strong to be countered on the laning stage, even though there are several heroes that are very strong against him and can have a decent lane. Don't forget that Viper is one of those heroes that's capable of ripping through the enemy laner, so always be very careful whenever you're going to play against him.


One of the heroes that's capable of laning pretty well against Viper is Kunkka. Even though he is a melee hero, he does a lot of damage with Tidebringer, which is enough to ensure himself lane dominance against most heroes. However, since Viper is not like most heroes, he can at least get a decent farm and harass him a bit, which is still better than nothing.

Shadow Fiend

Generally speaking, Viper annihilates Shadow Fiend if he gets a head start in the lane. However, if it's the other way around, SF can actually have a pretty decent laning stage because he deals loads of damage with his Shadowrazes. As a result, he can easily push out the wave and secure himself the gold.


The last hero that's definitely capable or making Viper's life hard is Broodmother. Even though Viper does decent AoE damage, Brood is really fast and she can easily dodge the majority of it. When she gets to level 6, Broodmother can pretty much kill any single hero in the lane, and Viper is no exception. Sure, he is a bit more tanky than some other heroes but that doesn't make him immortal.


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