Dota 2 - Troll Warlord vs Phantom Assassin - Who would win?

May 15 2020 2 min read

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Troll Warlord and Phantom Assassin are two of the strongest Dota 2 heroes when it comes down to 1vs1. However, when you put the two teams against each other, calling a clear winner is really hard. You see, both of them have their ups and downs but the main differentiating factor is the skill of each player. If one of the two players is better than the other one, he will always manage to win.

So, in order to make a fair comparison, we will pretend that both players are equally skilled. Of course, we also have to assume that both heroes are six slotted and level 30. With that out of the way, here is what we think will happen

Troll Warlord will win in 90% of the times

Even though there are definitely a lot of Phantom Assassin fans out there, it's safe to say that Troll Warlord will nearly always be the winner. The hero is just built in a way to crush every single hero in a 1v1 match. Even if we assume that PA has all the luck in the world and crits a few times, Troll can always press his ultimate, which will make him immortal during its duration. Apart from that, he will also gain tons of attack speed, which means that will die in just a few seconds.

Of course, it all comes down to what kind of items do both heroes have.  If they buy specific 1v1 items, such as a Hex and an Abyssal Blade, PA might have a chance, as long as she is lucky with the crits. In fact, that's the only way in which PA can win - she needs to be extremely lucky with her crit. Usually, Phantom Assassin is one of the best Abyssal Blade builders, so if she manages to get 2 crits while target is stunned, this might be enough to bring down the mighty Troll.

Nonetheless, if we assume that Troll has a Monkey King Bar, it will literally take him a few seconds to press his ultimate and kill Phantom Assassin. However, of Troll Doesn't have any True Strike item, it will definitely be really difficult for him because he will miss a lot of his attacks.

An important thing you need to remember is that one of the best stats for a 1v1 combat is Armor. Every hero can stack as much damage as he wants but if the enemy hero has a lot of armor, the damage won't be nearly as useful.


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