Dota 2 - The top three deadliest single-target ultimates

Feb 17 2020 2 min read

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There are many amazing ultimates in Dota 2 that have the power to win games. Some of them are awesome at doing AoE damage, whereas others only work if they are combined alongside other spells.

Having said that, there is also a third group of ultimates that do only one thing but oh boy, do they do it right. If you're that type of a player that likes to get solo kills, these are the three ultimates that you would definitely be interested in using.

Laguna Blade - Lina

Laguna Blade is the strongest single-target spell when it comes down to just raw damage. This is especially true when you combine with an Aghanim's Scepter and any other item that increases the spell damage. Even though it can often be underestimated, Lina's ability has the power to just delete heroes whenever it's needed. It gets even worse when Lina is playing mid and she gets her hands on a Refresher Orb. Combined with an Aghs, this ultimate can 100-0 a hero in just a matter of seconds.

Finger of Death - Lion

The second spell that deserves to be on this list is Lion's Ultimate. It works very similar to Lina's, but there is a little twist to it. While it's true that it does less damage in the beginning, if Lion secures kills with it, the damage of the spell will gradually increase over time, which means that it will surpass that of Laguna Blade. What's more, whenever Lion gets an Aghanim's Scepter, his Finger of Death becomes an AoE spell, which makes it extremely deadly against pushers.

Reaper's Scythe - Necrophos

Last, but definitely not least, we have the ultimate ability of Necrophos. Unlike the other two, this one doesn't do any raw damage. However, what it does is that it does damage based on how much HP is missing from the enemy. In other words, it can work very well with the other two spells because it will be able to deal the same if not more damage than them, depending on the situation. What's more, this spell also stuns and if the enemy dies from it ,he will get an extra seconds when he respawns, which can be very annoying.


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