Dota 2 - The Best Octarine Core Buyers

Mar 06 2020 2 min read

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For better or worse, some Dota 2 items are way more popular than others. One of those items that often tends to be very underestimated is Octarine Core. Even though it's not as old as some other items, Octarine Core has been in the game for a while now. During that time, we've tried to experiment with it as much as possible on different heroes. While all of them benefit from the spell lifesteal and cooldown reduction, some heroes just scale way better than others. 

Having said that, here is a list of the top three heroes that work well with this item.


This first one is pretty obvious but he deserves a mention nonetheless. Invoker is one of the best spellcasters in Dota 2 and he's capable of doing massive amounts of damage. However, one of his biggest problem has always been the long cooldowns in his spells. This is where Octarine Core comes in handy. Thanks to the amazing cooldown reduction ability, this item fits perfectly with Invoker. Also, it gives you a lot of mana and HP, which is always good.


Despite the fact that the Octarine Core build by Alchemist is not as popular as it used to be, some players still go for it. This item works very well with Alch because it allows him to have a very short period of time where his ult is not available. As a result, the hero is nearly always with his ult on and ready to do damage.


The last hero that deserves a spot on this list is Bristleback. Even though this is probably not the first hero that you think of when you're considering Octarine Core, it actually works very well with him. Apart from providing him with mana, which is very important for BB, he can also spam his second skill a lot more often. What's more, the spell life-steal stacks with the Quil stack, which means that Bristle can life-steal a lot, especially when there are many enemies near him.


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