Dota 2 - The Best Late Game Heroes Versus Ember Spirit

May 05 2020 2 min read

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Ember Spirit is one of the Dota 2 heroes that has a lot of firepowers, especially when he gets several items. Even though the way in which people play him has changed drastically throughout the year, Ember is still a late-game monster that needs to be dealt with. That's why we've decided to list some of the best heroes against him that can do wonders against the pesky and elusive spirit. Before we mention them, it's worth pointing out that picking those heroes will not automatically give you the win. It all comes down to the way in which you play with them.

Legion Commander

LC has always been considered as one of the best counters to Ember Spirit, which is why why we've decided to put him on this list. One duel can make al the difference in the world, especially whenever you have a few items to back her up. 

However, landing a duel on Ember is Easier said than done, especially if the player is good. That's why it's really important to position yourself properly so that you can cast that spell.

Phantom Assassin

The second hero that deserves to be on this list is Phantom Assassin. This is a hero that excels against low-armored targets, such as Ember Spirit. As a result, PA can easily rip through enemies like a knife through butter. In a scenario where she is six-slotted, PA can easily one-shot Ember Spirit in just a matter of seconds.

Chaos Knight

This is not usually that big of a counter because Ember can easily kill the illusions. However, whenever CK gets enough items, he becomes incredibly hard to deal with and can easily one-shot Ember Spirit with just one Reality Rift. However, CK is not the fastest farmer in the world, which is why it will take some time before he reaches this state.


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