Dota 2- The best items for Tuskar

May 21 2020 2 min read

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Tuskar is a hero that's not really popular in the last couple of patches. However, he once used to be one of the go-to picks for every pro team because he offered a lot. Sadly, after several nerfs, the hero is now mainly used in pub games whenever someone wants to have fun.

Of course, this doesn't mean that it's that bad. In fact, people who pick Tuskar are usually pretty good with the hero and can deal insane amounts of damage, as long as you buy the needed items. That's why this article will focus on buying the right items for this hero. We will only cover the carry items because Tuskar is not really popular support nowadays, even though he was the best position four back in the days.


This is the item that changes the game for Tuskar. Once he gets a Desolator, he can start doing some serious damage, especially against weaker targets. Thanks to his ultimate, Tuskar is capable of literally one-shot the enemy supports, which makes playing him really fun. However, Desolator is an item that provides only damage, so you will need something else if you wish to survive during fights.

Shadow Blade/Silver Edge

The next item that's really popular is Shadow Blade and it's for obvious reasons. Apart from having a reliable escape too, Shadow Blade is also great whenever you just want to go and one-shot someone. As you know, it gives you extra damage, so you can deal over 1500 damage with your ultimate when you attack someone while you're invisible.

Monkey King Bar

Another damage item that many Tuskar players love is MKB. It probably doesn't come as a surprise because this is one of the best all-rounders for every core player. Apart from doing a lot of damage , this item also gives True Strike, which is really important.


Last, but most certainly not least, we have Daedalus. Most pro players tend to avoid getting this item unless they play a specific hero. That's due to the fact that this item is entirely RNG-based. This means that you don't know when will it proc and if it will do it. However, it works wonders on Tuskar.


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