Dota 2 - The Best Items for Phoenix

Apr 22 2020 2 min read

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Phoenix is one of the best support/offlane heroes in Dota 2 right now, which is why it's no surprise that we see him in-game really often. Even though he used to be one of the most popular offlaners in the world, the situation nowadays is a little bit different. This hero went from being a top offlaner to one of the most picked supports in Dota 2. With that said, the items that the hero buys depend entirely on his role.

Here are some of the most popular items for this hero that you can often see.

Spirit Vessel

This is a classic item both for offlaners and carries because it deals a lot of damage and also offers a decent HP regen. What's more, it's also not that expensive, so people can buy it fairly early on.

Hand of Midas

The second item that deserves to be on this list is Hand of Midas. The problem here is that only people who play Phoenix as an offlaner tend to buy it. However, if you manage to get good timing on it, you can farm a lot faster, so it's definitely worth it.


This is another item that most offlaner Phoenix players tend to pick. If you have the chance of getting it, we strongly suggest you to do it because it deals tons of damage, especially when it's used in a combination with this hero's ultimate.

Shiva's Guard

Shiva's Guard is one of the best team-fight items in Dota 2 that definitely deserves to be on this list. Even though it's pretty expensive for Phoenix to buy it early on, it works very well in conjunction with his slow and ultimate. As a result, the hero does a lot more damage and can easily stun multiple enemies with Supernova.




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