Dota 2- The best Items for IO

May 13 2020 2 min read

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IO, also known as Wisp, is one of the most unique Dota 2 heroes. Unlike any other hero, Wisp is all about helping a certain hero from his team. He has incredible utility spells that help him and the hero that he is "connected with" to survive more and deal with a lot more damage.

Even though Ana from OG is very successful when he plays this hero as a mid laner, 99.9% of players will run him as a support. That's why it's interesting to see which support items ar the best for Wisp so that he can be useful for his team. Let's check them out.


One of the main advantages of having IO on your team is that he can heal a lot. That's why it doesn't come as a surprise that one of the best items that you can get for this hero is Mechanism. Thanks to it, Wisp players can keep a certain hero alive for at least a few more seconds, which could be game-breaking in certain scenarios.

Glimmer Cape

Another item that's worth mentioning is Glimmer Cape. Unlike Mechanism which is often purchased to help your allies, Glimmer is an item that is mainly used on you. The idea is to make yourself invisible for a couple of seconds and also take less damage from spells. As a result, you might live for a couple of extra seconds, which is all you need in a late-game scenario.

Ghost Scepter

This item is a must for every IO player whenever he has to face enemies that deal loads of physical damage. Unfortunately, Wisp is a very fragile hero, so unless he has something to protect himself, he will die really fast.

Heart of Tarrasque

The last item on our list is HoT. Even though this item is amazing on Wisp, the chances of him buying it very slim because Wisp is one of the worst farmers in Dota 2 and HoT is really expensive. Nevertheless, if you do end up buying it, you are most likely not going to die as much.


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