Dota 2 - The Best Items for Gyrocopter

Apr 23 2020 2 min read

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Gyrocopter is a hero that's capable of dealing loads of damage when he gets the right items. Even though there were some attempts to transform this hero into a magical damage dealer, this didn't happen. As a result, the hero continued to be one of the best right-clicking monsters in Dota 2.

With that out of the way, here are some of the best items for the hero that you can buy.

Drums of Endurance

If you're planning on fighting with your team early on, this is one of the best items that you can use. It's pretty cheap and gives you a lot of fighting potential, which makes it a must-buy for many players.

Sand and Yasha

The second item for Gyrocopter that's also really good for fighting is SnY. Similar to Drums, this item is not that expensive which means that Gyro can buy it fairly early on. Apart from movement speed and attack speed, Sand and Yasha also provides some HP, which is always good for frontline carries such as this one

Black King Bar

This is a must for every core hero and Gyro is no exception. A well-used BKB can make all the difference in the world between a win or a loss. That's why sooner or later, you will have to buy this item.

Eye of Skadi

After the changes are done in patch 7.26, Eye of Skadi is now even more desirable because it also reduces the health regeneration and attack speed. Of course, it also provides tons of HP, which is another significant advantage.

Divine Rapier

Gyro is one of the few heroes that can take advantage of having a Divine Rapier. In fact, you can often see players going for this item whenever the need a reliable tool to keep them in the game. Of course, you have to be extremely careful when you have something like this because it can lead to a lot of troubles for you team if you die.


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