Dota 2 - The Best Items for Axe

Apr 30 2020 2 min read

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Axe is one of those Dota 2 heroes that's capable of ripping through his enemies like a knife through butter. However, in order to do this, he has to have the right items.

Generally speaking, Axe is a hero that most people build properly. That's because there are no strange magical damage item builds. Nevertheless, this article might be read by people who're making their first steps in Dota 2, so it's important to take a look and see which are the best items for this fantastic hero.

It's safe to say that this is the item that completely changes the game for Axe. There are some players who tend to skip it but it's just not worth it. A good Blink and Call combo can make all the difference in the world, especially during the later stages of the game. The best thing about Blink Dagger is that the item is pretty cheap, so as long as Axe has a good game, he can buy it in less than 15 minutes.


The second item that's pretty much a must on this hero is Vanguard. Even though it might not seem as much, this item makes Axe a lot more tanky, which is very important for an initiator. What's more, the item is cheap and provides a lot of HP regen, which makes it very strong in the mid game.


BM is the item that can make the biggest difference in the late game. If Axe manages to call the enemy carry and pops his Blademail, there is a pretty high chance that the enemy hero will literally suicide in it.

Assault Cuirass

AC is another very popular item among Axe players because it gives them a huge amount of armor, which is great whenever they're jumping in and doing. However, it is a little bit more expensive than other items on this list, so keep it in mind.

Heart of Tarrasque

The last item on this list can safely be considered as the best item for every strength hero in Dota 2. It gives loads of HP and Hp regen, which makes it the ideal tool for surviving.


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