Dota 2 - Strange Hero Positions

May 11 2020 2 min read

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Let's face it, Dota 2 is one of the best games in the world. This is the only MOBA where you can pick a hero and play in pretty much any position. This is especially true nowadays, where there are so many pro teams that are always experimenting with what's new. That's why it doesn't come as a surprise that you can often find a lot of unorthodox picks in pub games. 

The current Dota 2 patch is also helping a lot in this regard, which is why you can see some pretty crazy things. Here are some of them.

Clinkz Support

On paper, this is one of the worst heroes when it comes down to supporting. Clinkz is very fragile and has no slow or stun, which makes him pretty much useless in terms of the utility that he providers. However, the hero is really good when it comes down to doing damage, which is why he is one of the best harassers in the laning stage.

The first big team that tried to experiment with him was Nigma.

Ember Spirit Support

The next crazy thing that we've seen is an Ember Spirit support. This makes a little bit more sense because at least the hero has some sort of disabling and an escape mechanism once he hits level six. However, it's still pretty funny to see an Ember spirit walking around with an Orb of Venom and harassing the enemy heroes.

Offlane Chen

If there was one hero that we thought we'd never see in the lane, it was Chen. This is one of the heroes that's exclusively played as a jungle and he can make ar wall difference from there. However, it seems like the current meta allows him to be an offline hero as well. Of course, he still uses a few Neutral creeps to help himself with, which is why he is a pretty strong laner. When you add a support hero on this lane you can pretty much make sure that this lane is won.


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