Dota 2 - Should we buy a Bottle?

Mar 26 2020 2 min read

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Nowadays, there are not that many heroes who tend to buy a Bottle whenever they're going mid. Previously, this used to be to go-to item for pretty much any mid lane, even on heroes that don't typically need that much regen. However, after the "Brazer, Wand, and Talisman" meta started to become more and more popular, most mid lanes started to avoid using a Bottle in favor of getting as many stacks as possible. 

This begs the questions, when should we go for a Bottle and do we really need it?

The short answer is Yes, but in some situations

Having a bottle so be of the best ways of sustaining yourself on the lane, especially when something is not going as planned. There are many Dota 2 heroes that have an awful lot of firepower and can bully you out of the lane with little to no effort. In this situation, having a bottle is pretty much a must. After all, you can easily refill it whenever you need it by grabbing one of the runes that spawn. 

However, there are some scenarios where a bottle will just be an "overkill". For example, if you're playing a hero that has some sort of passive HP regen (DK, Lycan, etc.), there is absolutely no need to buy a Bottle. Instead, you can just spend some gold on Clarity Potions and/or Mangoes and use them whenever you need them. 

Even though 660 Gold might not seem much, it can make a big difference during the laning stage because you will delay your first big item by at least a couple of minutes. Don't get us wrong, it's not bad to have a bottle but sometimes, it just seems like as if you don't need it

Which heroes can benefit the most from a Bottle

There are a couple of heroes that can benefit a lot from this item, so let's list them:

  • Storm Spirit
  • Zeus
  • Ember Spirit (in some situations)
  • Queen of Pain
  • Puck
  • Lina

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