Dota 2 - Popular lane companions for Crystal Maiden

May 04 2020 2 min read

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Crystal Maiden is probably one of the most famous positions five heroes in Dota 2. She can be picked in pretty much any scenario and will always fit in because of the utility that it provides. Whether it will be the mana regen aura or the slow + stun, the hero always has something to offer. What's more, she is also capable of doing a pretty significant amount of damage while she's channeling her ultimate, which should be also taken into account.

With that said, here are some of the best heroes that you can pick to lane with her.


This is probably the most classic Dota 2 duo. In fact, these two heroes even "talk to each other", which is a clear indication that they are working very well. Apart from the mana regen that CM provides, her slow and stun are ideal for Juggernaut's Blade Fury, which deals loads of damage. As a result, these two heroes are capable of killing pretty much any offlaner, so it's always a huge pain to stay in a lane against them.


Another hero that's worth picking in this scenario is LS. He is able to slice through the enemies with ease, especially after the recent changes. Thanks to his and CM's slows, these two heroes can make the life if every offlaner a living hell.


The pesky little fella is always a pain to lane against but that's even more true when CM is there. He can harass you all the time with his Essence Shift steal and when the time comes, he and CM can easily kill you because they can keep you in place for over 6 seconds. 

Wraith King

Last, but not least, we have Wraith King. The power of this hero is self-explaining - he deals loads of damage and has a stun, which works wonders with CM's aresnal.


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