Dota 2 - Popular combos with Sand King

May 27 2020 2 min read

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Sand King used to be one of the most popular Dota 2 heroes in pro games a few years ago. However, after the hero received multiple nerfs, he was put away in favor of other heroes. Despite that, SK still remains a really popular PUB game hero that can make the life of every safe-lane hero a living hell. Although some people tried playing him in the mid lane, the hero shines the most whenever he is in the offlane, alongside another aggressive hero.

Having said that, today, we will take a look at some of the best combos that you can make with Sand King. As you know, this hero has one of the most distinct ultimates in the game, so he can work really well with some heroes.

Ancient Apparition's Ice Blast 

Although it doesn't do that much damage, AA's Ice Blast is one of the deadliest ultimates in Dota 2 because it prevents the hero from receiving any heal. That's why it works really well when it's paired with Epicenter because these two ults are capable of bringing down the entire enemy team. However, timing them is easier said than done because Sand King has to land a perfect Stun-Ult, which is not that easy.

Earthshaker's Echo Slam

Just imagine a situation where the enemy team is pushing, only to find themselves between two of the best mass ultimates in Dota 2. if they are timed correctly, Echo Slam and Epicenter have enough damage to kill absolutely everyone. However, unlike the previous combo where Sand King was the one who had to do the hard job, here, ES's ultimate is a lot harder to cast because he has jump inside the enemies in order to do damage.

Reverse Polarity and Sand King

The last hero that can work pretty well alongside Sand King is Magnus. Thanks to his Reverse Polarity, he is can stun the enemies long enough so that they can be killed.  In this combo, he can do that either before or after SK casts his ult. If he does it before, SK can freely jump on everyone and as much damage as possible. However, the other way around also works because Epicenter slows a lot, which will give Magnus a pretty chance of landing that big ult.


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