Dota 2 - Popular combos with Queen of Pain

May 28 2020 2 min read

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Queen of Pain used to be one of the most popular mid laners back in the days. The hero has been considered as one of the top laners and even today, although she's not nearly as picked as she used to be, QoP is still capable of making the life of most mid laners a living hell. Of course, the main reason for that is the fact that the hero can freely spam her first ability.

As long as she gets a good start, QoP can easily dominate the game and snowball out of control. An interesting fact about this hero is that you can't either focus on magical or on physical damage. Both variations work fine, so it just depends on what you feel like is best for the given situation.

Speaking of situations, let's take at some heroes that work well alongside this fantastic mid laner.

Faceless Void

The first hero on our list is Faceless Void and we believe that everyone can agree with that. Void is one of the heroes that can change the course of a team fight, thanks to his ultimate. When you combine it with QoP's Scream of Pain, you can easily see why those two heroes work very well alongside each other. Nevertheless, the person who plays with Void has to be careful not to capture QoP inside the sphere because the hero is pretty fragile.

Spirit Breaker

The second hero that works wonders with QoP is Spirit Breaker. At first, you might not understand the logic behind our decision but SP and QoP can absolutely annihilate every mid laner, regardless if he is good or bad. Thanks to the never-ending Charge and Blink, these two heroes can hunt and kill even the hardiest laners, such as DK.

Drow Ranger

The last hero on our list is Drow Ranger and it's another obvious choice. Thanks to her Aura, Queen of  Pain gets loads of attack speed, which is exactly what she needs during the laning stage. What's more, when you get the right items, QoP and Drow can push the enemy base extremely fast, which is amazing. However, both of these heroes are really squishy, so it;s important to have some sort of defensive items if you want to be able to live the deadly teamfights.


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