Dota 2 - Phantom Lancer vs Medusa - Who would win?

May 18 2020 2 min read

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Phantom Lancer and Medusa are two of the strongest Dota 2 heroes. They have the firepower to carry their team to victory, regardless of the situation that they're in. Even though they are radically different in terms of their skills and playstyle, these two heroes actually have something in common - both of them are late-game monsters. This means that they need a lot of farm in order to be effective when the time comes.

Generally speaking, most people often tend to pick Phantom Lancer against Medusa because they believe that this hero is actually countering her. Even though this could be true in some cases, it all comes down to what kind of items you go for.

So, what will happen?

If both heroes are six slotted, it really all comes down to how will Phantom Lancer deal with Medusa's ultimate. As you know, the gorgon has one of the strongest ultimates in the game that every hero has to respect if he wants to have a chance at killing her. So, if PL manages to white the hero, it will be really hard for her to kill him after that because, assuming he has a Diffisul Balde, he will quickly burn Medusa's mana, which will leave here vulnerable to PL's devastating right-click damage.

Nevertheless, if Phantom Lancer fails to kite her or she has an Aghanim's Scepter, Medusa will be able to kill PL fairly quickly, even though she is not really doing that much damage. As you now, Dusa's strength is the fact that she is extremely hard to bring down. As a result, this basically allows the hero to live during a team fight and outlast her enemies. However, this doesn't really work well in a 1v1 scenario, especially against Phantom Lancer.


It's safe to say that Phantom Lancer will win this matchup in 70% of the cases. Medusa either has to be extremely lucky with her ult or deal tons of damage in order to stand a chance. However, even then, PL can always burn through her mana shield and just rip through her after that.


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