Dota 2 - Phanom Assassin vs Templar Assassin - Who would win?

May 19 2020 2 min read

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These two heroes are often regarded as one of the strongest killers in Dota 2, hence, they have the name assassin. Both TA and PA can be excellent carries and mid-laners, depending on the game they're in and what items they have.

However, when it comes down to a direct clash, choosing a clear winner is really hard. You see, both of them have their ups and downs, so it all depends on how good each player is. Having said that, if we assume that both players are equally good, it will mainly come down to who has the better items. 

So, what will happen?

 In a typical scenario where both heroes are six-slotted, it all depends on who has faster fingers and who can press his buttons faster. Generally speaking, Phantom Assassin is the hero that does more physical damage due to her insane critical strikes. However, Templar Assassin is way better in terms of 1v1 because she has Refraction, which is capable of absorbing up to 9 instances (with the talent). In other words, TA can tank the entire PA blink with jut one spell and at the same time, doing insane amounts of damage on her own. 

As you know, Templar Assassin is known for removing a lot of armor from the enemy hero. This gives her a great advantage because PA is really squishy. Sure, she can have life steal but it's probably not going to be enough to keep herself alive.


Unless Phantom Assassin is extremely lucky with her first, we believe that Templar Assassin will win this fight in 80% of the cases. The hero just has a better skillset when it comes down to pure 1v1 combat. She can dodge, go invis, and remove loads of armor, which will make PA's life really hard.


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