Dota 2 patch 7.26c notes

May 03 2020 2 min read

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Valve have released the patch notes for version 7.26c, which consists of two item changes and lots of hero adjustments. 

Here's what Dota 2 patch 7.26c has to offer:


The illusion now dies if Illusionist's Cape is unequipped, while Royal Jelly has buffs applied to illusions as well. The latter also received a global cast range. 


All Heroes affected by this patch mostly see changes to their Talents, except for Lycan, Keeper of the Light, Necrophos, Spirit Breaker, and Viper. These five all received nerfs except Spirit Breaker and Viper who got buffs to Base movement speed and Nethertoxin maximum dps, respectively. 

Heroes that saw the most changes are Axe, Alchemist, Clinkz, Outworld Devourer, and Ursa, while most of the others with Talent adjustments received three to four. 

Alchemist's changes are a mixed bag, with Level 10 Talent losing Attack Speed and gaining Unstable Concoction Cooldown, including a Talent Damage reduction and health increase in Level 15. Alchemist's Level 20 also gets an increase to Unstable Concoction Damage. 

Clinkz loses Searing Arrows Damage, but Level 10 Talent sees buffs to Strength and Agility. Level 15's Burning Army Cooldown and Level 20's Death Pact Health were also increased. Meanwhile, Ursa's Level 10 sees two complete changes and so does Level 15. Yet, Level 20 has a Fury Swipes Damage nerf of - 1 and her Strength gain also drops by 0.2.

Zeus and Windranger saw only one change each. For Zeus it was a 0.5 nerf to Level 10 Talent's Mana Regen, while Windranger got a hit to Shackleshot Cooldown in the form of a 0.5s increase to his Level 10 Talent. 

You can find the full Dota 2 patch 7.26c notes here on the official website.


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