Dota 2 Patch 7.24 makes big changes to neutral items

Jan 26 2020 3 min read
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Valve released Dota 2 Patch 7.24 shortly after the DreamLeague Season 13 Major Grand Finals match between Team Secret and Evil Geniuses. It’s a big one with several changes that will definitely mix things up. 

Two Heroes join Captain Mode while neutral items receive significant changes, we say goodbye to all GPM talents, and Courier gets adjustments. Over 50 items have gotten tweaked while even more Heroes receive nerfs and buffs. There are also big changes to neutral items and Outposts. 

Here are some of the significant changes in Dota 2 Patch 7.24: 

General Changes

Void Spirit and Snapfire arrive

Both Void Spirit and Snapfire, the two newest Heroes in Dota 2, are now available in Captain’s Mode. Their adoption probably won’t be immediate in tournaments, but with time their presence will surely change a few drafts. 

GPM removed

Support players will experience the most impact from this change, but that’s not to say teams won’t notice how it affects the late game. 

Courier rework

Courier sees lots of changes that put limits on what it can do in mid to late game. Death no longer disables your passive gold income while movement speed and bounty have been increased to 290 and 30 + 7*level (for each player), respectively. Courier also loses plant wards at level 15 and the use of items at level 25. 

Shrines and Outposts

Shrines have been removed while Outposts have moved to primary jungles. Outpost vision is reduced from 1400 flying to 700 ground vision, and are owned by the respective teams at the beginning. Opposing teams can capture them at any time, and lane bounty runes have moved to the secondary jungle. 

Neutral Items

Heroes now have a dedicated neutral items slot. Also, the fountain now stores neutral items within it, with Ancients neutral drop rate three times higher than before. Right-clicking an available item will place it in your stash/courier and deliver it to you. The new UI will also indicate the state and location of all other items dropped, while tier 5 items now drop at 60 minutes.  

Other general changes include an increase in Hero respawn time for levels 1 to 5, and buyback cost has also increased to 200 + NW/12 from 100 + NW/13. These changes should serve to improve teamwork and dissuade players from making risky solo plays. 


Several items have received changes, with some of the biggest coming from Bloodthorn, Vambrace, Force Boots, Ex Machina, Pirate Hat, and Desolator 2. Battle Fury also sees buffs to damage and cleave damage against Heroes but cleave damage against creeps has reduced. Many of the remaining items receive a single change to either mana regeneration, damage or armor reduction. 


With over 60 Heroes changed, there’s a lot to get used to, but many of them receive small tweaks here and there. Heroes that received the most changes include Chaos Knight, Disruptor, Doom, Lich, Magnus, and Omniknight. However, Undying received the most changes overall. Helm of the Dominator will now work as intended against Zombies while level 15 Zombie talent is now base damage. Tombstone also gets several tweaks, but Flesh Golem receives a series of buffs that affect duration, debuff duration, and movement speed. 

Check out the full Dota 2 Patch 7.24 notes here at the official website. 

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