Dota 2 patch 7.23d notes

Dec 12 2019 2 min read

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Dota 2 patch 7.23d is a gameplay update that’s a bit on the small side with a couple of changes to items and heroes. It also stops passive gold income from increasing with hero level and reduces both hero kill XP bounty and outpost experience.


  • Passive gold income will no longer increase with hero level.

  • Outpost experience reduced to 15 * Min.

  • Hero kills XP bounty reduced to 40 + CurrentXP * 0.13.

  • Tome of Knowledge initial stock capacity reduced to 1 at 10 minutes.


Elixir and Helm of the Undying have now been removed.

Poor Man's Shield

  • Agility increased to 7.

Iron Talon

  • Damage increased to 50%.

Clumsy Net

  • Ensnare duration reduced to 1.75.

  • All stats increased to 6.

Nether Shawl

  • Self armor reduction reduced to -3.

Greater Faerie Fire

  • Attack Damage increased to 35.

  • Heal reduced to 450.

Orb of Destruction

  • Armor reduction reduced to 5.

  • It will no longer pierce Spell Immunity.

Enchanted Quiver

  • Bonus magic damage increased to 270.


  • Attack range bonus increased to 150.

Illusionst's Cape

  • Illusion duration increased to 30 seconds.

  • Bonus Strength and Agility increased to 14.

Havoc Hammer

  • Base damage reduced to 30.

  • It now deals 175 + 1x your strength in the area around the player.


  • It now provides +30 Movement Speed.

Faerie Fire

  • Cost reduced to 70.

  • Damage reduced to 2.

  • Heal reduced to 85.



  • Rupture cooldown increased to 70.

Crystal Maiden

  • Base mana regeneration reduced to 1.

  • Arcane Aura self multiplier increased to 3.

Drow Ranger

  • Multishot damage reduced to 90/115/140/165%.

  • Level 15 Talent reduced Agility to +12.

  • Level 25 Talent reduced Cooldown Reduction to 40%.


  • Base damage reduced by 2

Outworld Devourer

  • Sanity's Eclipse damage multiplier to 0.5.

Treant Protector

  • Leech Seed mana cost increased to 110.

  • Leech Seed cooldown increased to 22/19/16/13.

  • Overgrowth cooldown increased to 100.

You can find the full patch notes here.


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