Dota 2 Items - Top Five Items for the Offlane

Jan 13 2020 3 min read

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Dota 2 is a fantastic game that has over 120 different heroes and items to choose from. Each of them is unique in its own way, which makes the game very interesting.

Some heroes have an uneasy task to support, whereas others are mainly occupied with carrying the team to victory. Having said that, there is one particular position that can basically fit both of the roles mentioned above - Offlane. Although the offlaners are technically cores, it is possible for them to sometimes play as supports, depending on the hero.

With that said, let's take a look at the top five items for one of the hardest positions in Dota 2.

Top Offlane Items

On paper, every single item in Dota 2 can be fit into the offlane position. Some of them will work well, whereas others not. In the end, it all comes down to the specific scenario, the hero lineup, the enemies, and more. However, there are a couple of items that just work, regardless of the hero and his current role in the game:

  • Pipe of Insight is a very common item for the offlane position. The reason behind it is that it provides a decent amount of protection against spell damage for the offlaner himself and for the team. Also, this item is created via a Hood of Defiance, which is a great item for the early to mid-game because it provides tons of HP regen.
  • Crimson Guard is also a very popular choice among the offlaners because it provides very good protection against melee attacks. However, this item is not really a must-build as it depends a lot on the heroes that you are actually facing. 
  • Assault Cuirass is one of the best team-based items in the game, which is why the offlaner is the one that usually gets it. It provides a great amount of armor and attack speed, while also reducing the armor of the enemy heroes.
  • Guardian Greeves is one of the best items in the game that combines Arcane Boots and Mechanism. As a result, this item has a very short cooldown and it has both effects in one. As if that's not enough, when you use it, it also dispels you from any debuffs.
  • Radiance is the last very common item that most offlaners go for. Unlike the other items on this list, this one is an entirely offensive item that is pretty expensive, which means that it's not brought in every single situation.

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