Dota 2 - Is Leshrac still a good mid laner?

May 17 2020 2 min read

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Leshrac is a hero that once used to be the best mid laner in the game. If any of you who are reading this remembers the days of TI 5, you probably know that Leshrac was the most dominant hero during those times. In fact, we can safely say that he has been the most dominant hero in pretty much any meta until now, which is just insane to think of. Nevertheless, the hero was nerfed numerous times until then, which made him a no-go zone for a while. However, now he was buffed a few times again, we tend to see people picking him from time to time as a core hero. Previously he mainly took the role of a support, where he worked really well alongside heroes, such as Shadow Demon.

Having said that, here are few scenarios where you can pick Leshrac as your mid laner and dominate the game.

Do it whenever the enemy laner is weak

One of the main advantages of this hero is the fact that he can easily crush the enemy laner. As long as he has a good start, Leshrac can absolutely rip through the enemy laner thanks to his constant harassment with his third ability. So, if the enemy laner is weak, picking Lesh will be a good idea. There are many examples here, such as Shadow Fiend, Necrophos, and so on. However, do not pick Leshrac if the enemy is strong because he can dismantle the disco pony.

Get Leshrac whenever you want to push as fast as possible

The second scenario where you'll need to pick this hero is if you want to have someone who can push the enemy towers fast. Thanks to his Diabolic edict, this hero can quickly rip through the enemy tower, as long as he gets the chance. So, do not hesitate to pick him if you need a pushing hero.

Pick him whenever he pairs up with another hero from the team

There are many scenarios where you can get Leshrac on your team, as long as there are other heroes to back him up. One of the best examples here is Faceless Void. Leshrac can use both his ultimate and his second ability while Chrono is active, which results in just insane amounts of damage during every stage of the game.


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