Dota 2: Is Enchantress still a viable offlaner?

Apr 13 2020 2 min read

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Every new patch in Dota 2 has an impact on the way the game is played. Apart from "meta carries and mid laners", there are also heroes that shine in the offline, and of those heroes was Enchantress. This fragile fawn si capable of dealing so much damage that pro teams used to pick her all the time. She could easily survive in the offline thanks to her skill called "Untouchable". However, once the new patches were released, this hero got completely reworked. 

Now, instead of having Untouchable at the beginning of the game, this is the ultimate of the hero. On the other hand, Impetus (one of the largest pure-damage dealing abilities in the game) can now be leveled early on. As a result, the hero becomes a lot more deadly but also very fragile. 

Naturally, there is one important question here - is she still a variable offlaner?

The simpler answer is yes, but only in certain conditions

You see, the current Dota 2 meta (after patch 7.25) favors double-offlane a lot. Naturally, Enchantress can work great in this scenario because she has a heal and deals tons of damage. However, if she has to stay alone in the lane, things are very likely to go wrong. It doesn't really matter how much damage she does because she is extremely fragile. So, if the carry and the support hero that she has to lane against have some sort of stun, it will be just a matter of time before they will bring her down.

Of course, once she gets to level six something might change, but it's highly unlikely. So, if you wish to play offline with this hero, you better find someone to come with you and then, you can be sure that you will rip through the lane like a knife through butter.

However, if there is no one to find, simply play Enchantress as a position four. She can easily pick up a Neutral creep a use it to gank the lanes or just bully the offlaner away. Sure, she might not get as much farm but she will be way more useful this way.



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