Dota 2 - How to prevent the lane from pushing

Jan 11 2020 2 min read

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Dota 2 has many interesting mechanics that are very different in comparison to the other MOBAs out there. Some of them are very hard to understand and will require you to spend some time before you can figure out. However, there are also others that are fairly easy to pick up.

Today, we will take a look at one very interesting mechanic that every carry and mid player has to eventually learn - lane keeping. Although this might seem like a pretty easy thing to do, chances are that you are not doing it right.

Here is all you need to know about this mechanic.

Why do I need to avoid pushing my lane?

Pushing the creep wave towards your enemy might seem like the most logical thing to do. After all, your goal is to bring down the tower, right?

While this is true up to a point, everything in Dota 2 has timing and so is pushing the towers. If you start pushing the creep wave since the very beginning, you will allow the enemy hero farm those creeps relatively close to his tower. This means that he can easily dodge ganks, get easier last hits and eventually win the lane.

How to stop pushing my lane?

In order to prevent all this, you have to try to keep the creep wave as close as possible to your tower. The only way in which you can do this is to avoid attacking the creep apart from last hits. Do not just hit the creeps for no reason because this is how you push them.

Apart from last hits, you also have to try to attack your own creep as soon as that's possible. Usually, this happens when the creeps have around 30% HP left. This is a very efficient way to do the lane control and we definitely advise you to try it out until you master it.

Once you learn how to implement this in your game, you will be able to achieve a complete lane dominance. For example, if you're playing as the safelane carry, the enemy offlaner will constantly be somewhere close to your tower, which means that he is very susceptible to ganks and all other kinds of bad things for him, which you can take full advantage of.


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