Dota 2 - How To Last Hit Properly

Dec 15 2019 3 min read

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Dota 2 is one of the most complex MOBA games in existence. With over 120 heroes and items to choose from, we can easily see why so many players give up on the game in just a couple of weeks. Even those who survive the initial "purge" are still struggling later on because there are many mechanics in Dota 2 that are very hard to master.

One of them is the art of last hitting. This is a term that's used very often in Dota 2, and it symbols a hero's attack on a creep that results in a kill. In other words, this is the final blow that everyone should aim for if they want to get the gold from that creep. However, this is easier said than done, especially when you are playing against good opponents that can always outplay you.

Having said that, today, we will take a look at some of how you can last hit better. Let's dive in.

How to last hit?

The easiest and also fastest way to get the bounty from the creep is to wait until it reaches low HP and then use your attack. Although  this seems like a pretty straightforward thing to do, there are a couple of things that you need to take into account:

  • First, the attack animation. Every single hero has different attack animations, and some of them are way better than others. Generally speaking, the melee heroes have an easier time last hitting because every single range hero has to take consider the time for its projectile to hit the target.
  • Always try to predict when is your enemy also going to attack. If you are laning against someone that's good, he will always try to deny your creep. That's why it is important to predict when is he actually going to do it. This is not as hard as it seems because the enemy can only attack his own creep once he is below a certain percentage of his HP.

Apart from attacking, you can also use your spells for securing kills on creep. Although this might seem easier, the spell-usage for creeps depends a lot on the situation you're in. For example, if you are about to enter a team fight, it's not really wise to waste your mana and cooldowns on creeps. On the other hand, if nothing is happening, you can always use your spells to do "flash-farming."

Learning how to last hit is not easy, but once you get the hang of it, you will have no problems.


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