Dota 2: How to lane against Death Prophet?

Apr 01 2020 2 min read

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Death Prophet is a very interesting mid lane that is often considered to be more of a meta hero. Even though some pro teams and pub players tend to pick him from time to time, he is really strong whenever the meta allows him to be so. As you know, DP is capable of pushing the enemy base really fast, which is why you can often see him alongside heroes, such as Drow Ranger, Lone Druid, and so on.

Even though she is not necessarily the strongest lane, Death Prophet can be a huge pain to deal with, especially in some situations. Having said that, here are three things that you can use in your advantage whenever you have to lane against DP.

Try to score a kill before she gets to level 5

Many Dota 2 heroes have timings and Death Prophet is also one of them. This hero is capable of doing tons of damage while also healing itself, which is why you need to try and kill before she gets the levels. In most cases, a level 5 DP will have Spirit Syphon on level 3, which will make her pretty much Immortal on the lane. So, if you wish to score a kill, you have to try and do it before that happens. The easiest way of killing her is if you request a gank.

Avoid the Swarm Spam

Death Prophet is not really known for having the best attack animation in the game. That's why it might not surprise some of you that the hero tends to last hit using her first spell a lot. It deals a pretty decent amount of damage and has a lot of range, which makes it easily spammable. Apart from last-hitting, it also harrases the other laner a lot, which is you should try to avoid getting hit by it if you don't want to waste a lot of gold on regen.

Do not engage in a fight if DP has her ultimate on

The last tip is pretty self-explaining but there are still many people who do it. It's not advisable to attack the hero whenever she has her ultimate on because she just deals too much damage. What's more, unless you kill her quickly, she will regen to full HP, which is another problem.


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