Dota 2 - Death Prophet's Biggest Lane Counters

May 01 2020 2 min read

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Death Prophet is a hero that often tends to be underestimated, especially in the lower-MMR brackets. Nevertheless, thanks to the recent changes, the hero became one of the strongest mid laners in Dota 2.  As a result, more and more players started picking her, which is a clear sign that the hero is pretty powerful right now.

Having said that, we've decided to show you which are some of the best heroes against DP in the laning stage. Some of them might be a bit hard to play with if you have no experience in the game but you should be able to figure them out after you play a few matches.


Visage is in a similar spot to DP in terms of his popularity. People often think that he doesn't do much and even consider him to be a useless pick. However, Visage can safely be considered as one of the best mid heroes in Dota 2, especially in a 1v1 scenario. He can easily slow DP and kill her with his ultimate, so definitely be very careful whenever you have to lane against him.


Dusa is just a nightmare to lane against, even though it's pretty hard for her to kill you. However, thanks to Mystic Snake, the hero can constantly harras you and leave you without mana, which is why she is a fantastic pick against Death Prophet. To make matters worse, Medusa is really tanky, so unless she overextends a lot, it will be pretty much impossible for DP to kill her.


Last, but certainly not least, we have Meepo, one of the strongest Dota 2 heroes, especially in the last few patches. Needless to say, once he gets his levels up and running, he is capable of killing every single mid hero and DP is no exception.


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