Dota 2: Dealing with Lone Druid

Feb 24 2020 2 min read

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There are many Dota 2 heroes that are very strong and can make a significant difference during a team fight. Some of them are very hard to master, whereas others can be significanly  easier to play with. Having said that, there is also another category in which the hero we will focus today falls in. 

Lone Druid can be pretty hard to master, depending on the playstyle you go for. However, if you just follow the trend, the hero is not that hard to play once you learn the basics of how it works. 

Let's take a look at a couple of things you need to know when you're facing this hero.

Don't feed him

Generally speaking, this rule is valid for any hero, any Lone Druid is no exception. However, this is one of the most important things here because if you allow this hero to snowball, he will just run through you like a knife through butter. Even though he might seem harmless at first, that's not the case.

Once he gets a couple if important items, Lone Druid will start to dictate the pase of the game, which is why you shouldn't allow this to happen.

Always try to burst him down

Lone Druid is not like the other Dota 2 heroes because in 90% of the cases, the player who plays with him will buy items on his bear first. As a result, LD himself is often without any big items, which makes him very vulnerable, at least when he is not in bear form. In other words, this makes him a perfect target, which is why you should always try to take advantage of that. 

Once he gets some items and goes into bear form, it will be very hard to figure out how to kill him. Remember that if you bring down the hero, the Bear will also die.

Try to nuke the bear 

Last, but not least, Lone Druid's power depends a lot on his Spirit Bear. Even though it might seem impossible to it down, that's not true at all, especially if there are certain heroes in the game. While it's true that LD's Bear is very tanky, it's possible to oneshot her, especially with heroes such as Templar Assassin, Phantom Assassin, etc. 

If you manage to bring that bear down and LD has it on cooldown, you will be able to kill him very fast.


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