Dota 2 - Dealing with Gyrocopter and IO

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Let's take a look at one of the most annoying combos in Dota 2.


Dota 2 has many amazing combinations of heroes. Some of them are only good in certain lineups, whereas others work wonders in every single situation.

Generally speaking, most combos work only on certain patches. Once the new update kicks in, the combo gets nerfed and people move on (similar to what happened to Morphling and ES prior to The Outlanders Update). However, there are also combos that work in pretty much all metas.

Today, we will take a look and exactly such a combo that's been around for ages - Gyrocopter and IO. Let's take a look at a few things that's important to know.

Killing the right target

Although Gyrocopter is indeed a tempting target, trying to kill him whenever IO is around is not recommended. Gyrocopter is a tank hero on its own and when he's combined with the heals and damage reduction from IO, things get scary. That's why it's very important to jump on IO first. While it's true that he can be very elusive, he is the key to a successful teamfight against this combo.

Pick Disabling Items

One of the best ways to prevent IO from using all his spells and items is to get certain items. On paper, every single item that either stuns or silences will do the job. For example, we can often see players buying a Scythe of Vyse or Orchid and Nullfier (a.k.a the DooM Build) .

Once you get any of those items, simply use them on the Wisp prior to the fight and quickly burst him down.

Always catch your enemies off-guard

One of the key things to win team fights against IO and Gyro is to catch them off-guard. If you just go into a 5v5 fight, chances are that you won't make it alive. However, if you manage to sneak on the pesky duo and kill one of them beforehand, the teamfight will be like a walk in the park.

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