Dota 2 Combos: Morphling and Ethereal Blade

Jan 24 2020 2 min read

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One of the most important things that you need to learn is how to make the proper hero and item combinations. With over 120 different items and heroes to choose from, Dota 2 is not really an easy game to pick up. However, once you learn the basics of how everything works, you will be able to discover combos of your own that work very well.

Speaking of combos, today, we will check one very old-school Hero + Item combinations that are capable of dealing with tons of damage. Let’s dive in:

How does the combo work

The combo that we will take a look at today is between Morphling and Ethereal Blade. The hero and this item always go hand to hand because it allows him to do tons of damage. Despite the fact that it’s pretty expensive, buying it is nearly always worth it because Morphling can do one-shot nearly every hero during the mid-game. In order to make the most out of it, you have to be at a higher level as possible so that you can have more agility. Once you buy ET, simply use the third skill of this hero called “Morph” and put as many stats into agility as possible.

From there, once you see the hero, you have to use the following things: Ethereal Blade -> Adaptive Strike -> Waveform. Depending on your items and level, you can do as much as 2000 damage in just a span of a few seconds. Unlike other combos, this one is very easy to execute and deadly enough to bring down nearly all enemies.

How can I do even more damage?

As we mentioned, if you want to do even more damage with this combo, you need to have more agility. The easiest way of getting more AGI is via items such as Butterfly, Manta Style, and more. Apart from just damage for the combo, these items also give you a lot of armor, which is very important against the physical damage dealers.

We definitely advise you to check out this amazing combo. As you will see for yourself, it has to potential to win even games that look unwinnable.



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