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Jun 10 2020 3 min read

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Cosmetics, cosmetics, cosmetics! Well, isn't that the only thing we purchase Battle Passes for? Who needs guilds, quests, achievements, or TI10 prize pool expansion? We want our favourite heroes to look amazing! A couple of years ago, Valve initiated a really sound idea of letting the community make their own sets and then, once again, let the very community decide the best sets which will be added to Dota 2 Collector's Cache!

Of course, they must first go through rigorous censorship screening by the publishers themselves. However, this year we got as many as 148 options — and only the most wonderful and popular will proceed to the final treasury! Arseny made it through all of them and pointed out the best. 

Best Collector's Cache Skins

The worst thing of all is that in the end, we might not get even one of these because it's the people who decide. So, only hope. 

Ancient Apparition Collector's Cache Skin

Let's start with something frosty. This Ancient Apparition's set looks pretty aggressive and calm — just as its hero. AA will freeze (or tickle) you to death with a bunch of additional arms.


Brewmaster Collector's Cache Skin

Then, we can also get a knight worthy to participate in a classic English tournament! We can't even tell if this Brewmaster needs a horse. 


Bristleback Collector's Cache Skin

It's hard to breach Bristleback's... back. And now, the fellow might become equipped like a true spartan. Only if there was a spear!


Doom Collector's Cache Skin

Lucifer was a fallen angel, you know. So having feathered wings and a divine mask feels quite tenable. This Doom's set is definitely one of the Voting's best. 


Huskar Collector's Cache Skin

Dota 2 origins from Warcraft they say? What about a bit of Warhammer?! Huskar's possible new equipment looks super savage, aggressive and makes one want to play him.


Jakiro Collector's Cache Skin

There are not a lot of awesome-looking support models these days, and Jakiro's possible one might help with this problem. A beautiful dragon they are. 


Kunkka Collector's Cache Skin

It can't always be satisfying, right? This Kunkka set is... questionable.


Lina Collector's Cache Skin

What can we say? Yet another great set for Lina, makes her look like a grand-mage of some elite Dota Elemental Academy. 


Mirana Collector's Cache Skin

Though a lot of 2020 Collector's Cache skins look like they were made for TI9 Cache because of Eastern and Asian patterns, this Mirana set is fantastic.


Omniknight Collector's Cache Skin

If only Omniknight's model was shorter! For a second, we felt like it was a true dwarf paladin from a worldwide known MMORPG. Outstanding one.


Warlock Collector's Cache Skin

You might have even missed this one because Warlock's own skin is not that attractive but his golem is just on another level!


Winter Wyvern Collector's Cache Skin

A rare not-too-fancy Winter Wyvern skin. Jakiro's mother here is one fearsome ice dragon.


Almost all 148 sets look pretty good. It was hard to press thumbs down sometimes when you saw something you didn't like because, on the other side, people put some tremendous efforts into creating fabulous stuff. Don't forget to vote though — there are only two days left.

The anniversary for TI10 will happen in 2021, with its prize pool expanding exponentially.


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