Dota 2: Can Sven be Played as a Support?

Apr 14 2020 2 min read

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Sven is usually considered to be one of the heavy-hitting hard carries in Dota 2. As a result, you can often see the hero picked in lineups where they need as much damage as possible. Even though he can be kited relatively easy, Sven is an absolutely demolish the enemy heroes, as long as he gets the chance to do so.

Although it's not nearly as popular, there are people who even play him as a support. It's a pretty rare sight nowadays, but it is possible to catch it from time to time. Naturally, we have to ask ourselves, can he really fill in the support role in 2020?

Yes, he can, but only in certain situations

Sven definitely has what it takes to be a support when it comes down to his skill set. He has a reliable stun that does a lot of damage and can hit multiple enemies at once. Also, let's not forget that he is very tanky as well, even without any items because he is a strength hero. To make matters worse, he can also use his third skill and become even hard to bring down. Another advantage of a support Sven is his ult. When used, it will give him a lot of HP, which will make him hard to bring down and he can even do some damage with his attacks.

Nevertheless, this is where the advantages end. You see, Sven can be decent support but he also has a lot of disadvantages that he has to deal with. For example, he is a male hero, which doesn't make him the most efficient when it comes down to harassment. Also, this hero can't really deal that much damage as support in comparison to others, which should be taken into account, especially when the game reaches a deeper stage.

So, the bottom line here is that Sven can only be played as support in a very specific scenario. Make sure that you and your team know exactly what you're doing before you decide to pick this hero. Honestly, we suggest you avoid it in pub games because there is just no point to make your life harder. Simply pick a more "orthodox" support hero and you're good to go.



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