Dota 2- Bristleback's biggest counters

May 09 2020 2 min read

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Bristleback is a Dota 2 hero who is mostly known for being incredibly hard to bring down. However, what people often underestimate is that he is also capable of doing loads of damage, thanks to his ultimate. As a result, Bristrleback is a very popular hero that works in every position - both as carry and offlaner. 

In order to deal with this annoying strength goliath, you need to pick proper heroes. BB can easily punish lanes where he is unchallenged, which is why picking the right hero for the job is really important. So, we've decided to show you a few heroes that are considered to be good picks against him.

Legion Commander

At first sight, LC might not seem all that good against Bristleback because the hero doesn't really do that much physical damage to him. However, Duel is the ability that makes all the difference in the world because it forces Bristleback to face LC. As a result, she can do the maximum amount of damage that's she's capable of, which is why she's always a good pick against BB. As you know, he is only durable if you attack him from his backside.


The second hero on this list that can absolutely rip through Bristleback is Timbersaw. This doesn't come as a surprise because Timber only deals pure damage, so he can quickly burst BB down. What's more, he also steals the main attribute from a certain hero with his first ability, which makes it even harder for strength heroes to survive.


The last hero that's pretty good against Bristleback is Slark because he can kite him forever and still loads of Essence Shifts. What's more, Slark is a hero that often buys a Silver Edge, which is one of the best items against Bristleback because it removes his passive skills.


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