Dota 2 Big Update

Sep 02 2018 3 min read

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Every year after The International, Valve traditionally releases a patch modifying heroes, items and gameplay in Dota 2. In the new patch note 7.19b, the developers have nerfed the most popular characters and made some changes in the game item properties.

Gameplay changes:

  • The formula for the buyback has been modified. From now on, the respawn time will be +25 seconds, instead of +25%

  • The amount of experience required to gain the second level in now 230 experience points. 

  • The Glyph is not available until 3rd minute

Item modifications:

    Stout Shield:

  • The item is able to absorb 20 damage (used to be 18)

    Ring of Aquila:

  •  The amount of bonus damage has been decreased from 10 to 7


  • The character healing is increased from 250 to 275

Guardian Greaves:

  • The healing is increased from 250 to 275

Urn of Shadows:

  • The healing is decreased from 35 to 30 points per second

Spirit Vessel:

  • The healing properties of an item are now decreased from 35 to 30 points per second and movement speed bonus decreased from 30 to 20 points

Scythe of Vyse

  • Mana cost is increased from 100 to 250

Phase Boots:

  • Movement speed bonus for ranged heroes is been decreased from 16% to 13%. The Instant Turn will only work for ranged characters now.

Character changes:


  • Greevil’s Greed bounty rune multiplier is going to be 2/2.5/3/3.5x


  • Bloodrage heal rate reduced from 19/21/23/25% to 16/19/22/25%


  • Basic character agility is now reduced by 3


  • The duration of Penitence has been decreased from 8 seconds to 5/6/7/8 seconds 


  • Basic strength reduced by 2

Crystal Maiden:

  • Crystal Nova mana cost increased from 130/140/150/160 to 130/145/160/175 points

Dark Willow:

  • Shadow Realm damage decreased to 90/180/270/300 and the casting time of Cursed Crown increased from 0.1 to 0.2 seconds

Drow Ranger:

  • Basic agility decreased to 19 points, but the damage is unchanged. Agility gain increased from 1.9 to 2.2 points per level and the animation of basic attack decreased from 0.7 to 0.65


  • Movement speed reduced by 15 points


  • Basic agility reduced by 5 points with basic damage unchanged


  • Basic damage decreased from 42-51 to 40-45 point, but a level 10 talent will give 225 hit points instead of 175


  • Spirits cooldown increased from 20/18/16/14 to 26/22/18/14 seconds. The 10th level talent will give 20% of the additional experience, instead of 25%


  • Attack speed from Leap with the 15th level talent decreased from 100 to 80

Nature’s Prophet:

  • Heroe’s basic damage reduced by 3 points


  • Character’s agility decreased from 15 +1.2 to 12+1.3 and movement speed reduced by 5

Phantom Lancer:

  • 25th level talent will decrease Doppelganger ability cooldown for 6 seconds, instead of 7 


  • The mana cost of Arcane Curse increased from 75/95/115/135 to 105/115/125/135


  • Spectral Dagger ability buff will remain for 1 second, instead of 2

  • Dispersion radius of damage reflection reduced from 1000 to 700

  • Desolate single hero range check increased from 325 to 375


  • Mana cost of Tree Grab increased by 50 points

  • Avalanche’s cooldown increased from 20/19/18/17 to 23/21/19/17 seconds


  • Overpower mana cost increased from 45/55/65/75 to 75 points

Vengeful Spirit:

  • The cooldown time of Wave of Terror increased from 10 to 16/14/12/10 seconds


  • The Swarm ability mana cost increased from 70/80/90/100 to 110 

Wraith King:

  • Wraithfire Blast cooldown time increased from 11/10/9/8 to 14/12/10/8


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