Dota 2 Battle Pass Arcanas - What do you get in 2020?

May 28 2020 2 min read

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2020 was a really strange year for the whole world, especially after the situation around COVID-19. As a result, we got to see a lot of our favorite tournaments being played online, which was pretty fun. However, what was even more fun was the fact that the 2020 Battle Pass was released. Although TO 10 got postponed, the Dota 2 fans got to enjoy the much-awaited Battle Pass and it was truly awesome to behold.

Unlike in previous years, we got to see three new arcanas. This was very unexpected because, in the last two years, we only got one. As you probably remember, 2018 was the year when we got the IO arcana, whereas, in 2019, Valve surprised us with ES's item. Now, we got three new pieces to add to your collection, so let's check them out.

The One True King - Wraith King Arcana

The first incredible Item that we can unlock is the WK arcana. We can't really say that we're surprised by this because WK has always been a really popular Dota 2 hero. However, the thing that surprised us is the fact that WK's arcana basically makes the hero look very similar to what he looked like in DotA. So, if you're an old-school player, you will definitely appreciate this a lot.


Arcana for Queen of Pain

The second hero that received an Arcana is Queen of Pain. This one was a little bit more surprising because QoP hasn't really been all that popular lately. In fact, the hero is barely picked even in pub games due to the fact that there are other heroes that perform better. Nevertheless, QoP's Arcana definitely makes the hero a lot more appealing to play with. However, in order to unlock it ,you need to reach level 445.

Arcana for Windranger

The last hero that also got an Arcana in the TI 10 Battle Pass is Winranger. This one was expected because WR got really close a couple of times but just couldn't finish as a winner. However, Valve decided to take actions into their own hands, which is why as soon as you reach level 575, you will automatically unlock it. Sadly, reaching this level is easier said than done because you have to do a lot of quests or purchase a lot of levels before you end up there.


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