Dota 2 7.27b Patchnotes + Analysis

Jul 16 2020 6 min read

Valve released Dota 2 7.27b, which expands on the previous one and sees a lot of changes, mostly about the heroes.

A few hours ago, Valve released Dota 2 7.27b, which expands on the previous one and continues the idea of reworking the characters stated approximately a month earlier. The current patch, 7.27b, has seen a lot of changes, mostly about the heroes. You can get acquainted with all the new things on Dota 2 official website, but while here, we'll try to talk about what's new and where the meta could possibly go.

Even though SitActionSlacks was not very happy with the patch, there are some great and significant changes. First of all, let's cover the items.

  • Abyssal Blade, Mjollnir, Silver Edge and Solar Crest can no longer be disassembled.

Also, Valve has increased the price of MKB, which will easy the supports' lives a bit because the rushers will have to pay more for the item.

Prediction: the developers will make Echo Sabre not disassemblable in a few patches.

Dota 2 7.27b

Now, to the most crucial part of the patch. And the biggest block, to be fair. Almost all the characters have been revised in different ways: some of them will never notice the update, but for a couple, there's a tremendous boost as well as there are heavy debuffs. Let's take a look at the most influential, curious and fearsome reworks. 

Dota 2 7.27b Hero Changes

Once again, you can learn the whole update here, while we will touch only major ones. 

  • ARC WARDEN: Base armor increased by 1, Agility from 15+2.4 to 16+2.5

Here you go, our good old pub monster got buffed. Agility boost + new armor will significantly help Arc Warden to survive the early and mid-game, while in the late game, he will do even more damage. He also got talents reworked in a positive way (LVL 10 and LVL 15 switched and reworked a bit), which may turn negative if you play against him. And ah, yes, and the Midas recipe became cheaper... 


Oh, this guy turns into a killing machine now...

Dota 2 7.27b

Bloodseeker has been definitely buffed because his Bloodrage + Thirst combo now works as it did a long time ago (nothing new, eh, Valve?). Get ready for must-have Radiances and unkillable high-speed beast. 


This horned fella has been nerfed. He will not be a physical damage nuker anymore, because Retaliate also... works as it did some time ago: as a pure BladeMale. Once a tank, always a tank. 


Guess what? One more "back to how it was" hero. His crits once again have 30% of proc chance instead of cooldown, which is really better than it was — the laning phase will become easier to play against him. His Ultimate has also been reworked as it was a couple of years ago — 1/2/3 Illusions instead of 3, their damage increased to 100% at all levels, lower cooldown, no magic resistance. So, it looks like CK is back as a great-potential carry. We missed you!


Clinkz was the most reworked hero in the patch. Would you look at that... buff. Seriously? This hero was OP, and they reworked him in a way he got even stronger than he was! He got more Intellect, more skill damage, but at least Death Pact is now his Ultimate.

Dota 2 7.27b

And the Skeletons he summoned now becomes a Scepter ability. Thanks to that, the supports will not be killed by accident from an uncontrolled wave of imbalanced creeps.


Finally, Valve has brought back the most valuable heroes of the early Dota 2 era. Vacuum and Wall of Replica got buffed, so we might see this hero in the competitions again. 

Dota 2 7.27b
  • DOOM

Doombringer might also become a very popular meta these days, because he got a significant buff to his Devour ability (gold gain almost x2 with no mana cost rework), while his basic armor increased by 1. Easy lane-winning, people!

  • IO

It says it all:

Dota 2 7.27b
  • LONE DRUID: Strength gain reduced from 2.7 to 2.5, True Form armor bonus reduced from 10/15/20 to 8/10/12, Summon Spirit Bear backlash damage increased from 10% Max Health to 20%.

The pair of bears got nerfed a bit, but not really significantly. Still, we will see less of them in our pubs. 


One more hero, who was brought to basics. Now her Split Arrows can be toggled again, while Medusa herself got a small stats buff. Might see her more often now.


Yes, Pudge is also back! Get ready to see him as your pos2, pos3, pos4 and pos5! Buffed strongly, this hero is going to be popular as he was. And for sure, Valve's doing it to prepare us for the Persona of the plush toy. 

Dota 2 7.27b

Our lighting friend has been reworked in a way to become Windranger #2. While Static Link is on, you can whip your enemies while moving. He also got Strength, and Agility gain increased. So, here comes the AS Builds and more pick. New meta!


Caustic Finale was reworked: now it slows down your enemies and blows them when they die. Back to old stuff again.


The Soulcatcher has been nerfed: now, his soul stash is 11/14/17/20 instead of 12/20/28/36. Though damage per soul increased, nevertheless, he's now not that tough in mid, but you better not allow him to kill creeps a lot.

  • SVEN

Oh yes! He's back! Sven had the lowest winrate of all Dota 2 carries in the recent patches, but now Valve brought our blue-to-red boy to where he belongs!

Dota 2 7.27b

Though Sven will now have less bonus damage from WarCry, his Ulti was brought back to life by increasing the percentage of bonus damage and the duration (40 sec!!!). Also, now he moves faster, which is vital at low levels.


The Tree's Leech Seed has been reworked in the same way the most abilities in the patch were: as it was earlier. Now it is a targeted spell that deals damage, slows down and heals Treant's allies.


Underlord is one of the greatest pos3 heroes in Dota 2. He is a decent pick for competitive games and pubs. Underlord is a tanky fellow now, even with no perma-damage: he got Talents for Armor and Magic Resistance.

Dota 2 7.27b
  • URSA and VOID SPIRIT had no serious debuffs, unfortunately. 

So, that's all! We can say confidently that Valve has rolled back Dota 2 to what it was approximately a year ago. We got new but old meta heroes, while current OPs were not seriously nerfed — which is good because the pool will widen, and the players will have to be more flexible. All we have now is just to wait for another update! 

Dota 2 TI11 Immortal Treasure II waiting room.


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