Doki banned from Rainbow Six Siege for toxic behaviour

Oct 02 2019 2 min read

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Natus Vincere's Jack "Doki" Robertson received a ban in Rainbow Six Siege yesterday during his stream for toxic behaviour. 

The specific situation that led to Doki's ban is currently unknown, but he is known for banter which could have easily resulted in a toxic behaviour complaint. However, his notification reads “you have been permanently suspended due to Toxic Behavior,” and is normally used when players violate Ubisoft’s Code of Conduct. 

The Siege community has had several debates regarding toxic behaviour, from its prevalence to what constitutes bad behaviour and how to curb false reporting. Investigations are often carried out on accounts with a high number of complaints but it is unclear whether that is the case here or not. 

Things as simple as using hotkey programs can also lead to bans if the system picks it up as malicious use of macros. This has received a lot of criticism since some keyboards may lack certain keys and require hotkeys to make the game playable with them. 

Doki stated that he would get to the bottom of the situation and keep his fans updated. This wouldn't be the first time that a ban has been dropped undeservedly, so speaking with Ubisoft should get his account up and running soon. 

Na'Vi is scheduled to play German esports club, PENTA on October 4. They currently sit in 4th place on the European standings with 18 points. 


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