Dogura releases his Street Fighter V: Champion Edition tier list

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Both his mains make S-tier

CYCLOPS Osaka player Ryo "Dogura" Nozaki has released his tier list for Street Fighter V: Champion Edition. The pro has played multiple games throughout his career, but Dogura currently pays more attention to Dragon Ball FighterZ and Street Fighter V

Dogura’s list is ranked S to D, with the majority of the game’s characters situated in the top half. S-rank has seven players in ti, including both his main characters, M.Bison and Urien. Other he considers the best in the game are Abigail, Chun-Li, Guile, Kolin, and Rashid. They aren’t arranged in order of strength, but the presence of M.Bison and Rashid at the top is consistent with many other tier lists. 

In A-tier, we have the likes of EVO Japan 2020 winner  Ryo "Nauman" Sato’s Sakura, alongside Ibuki, Akuma, G, Laura, and Poison. B-tier is where the bulk of the roster is, with 18 players in total. Dogura has returning character Gill sharing the spot with Ryu, Ken, Kage, Zeku, Karin, Juri, and more.  Thanks to his lack of knowledge about E. Honda and Falke’s current state, Dogura placed them in D-tier. Meanwhile, Alex is the sole resident of C-tier. 

Dogura’s list isn’t as specific as that from other pros, but it does mirror many of the popular opinions about the current roster. Unfortunately, the strength of his mains wasn’t enough to get him into EVO Japan’s top 8.  

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