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Aug 16 2019 10 min read

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Dishonored 2 is one of the most interesting games that you can play right now. Having said that, there are many amazing places to visit but at the end of the day, one of the most important things to do is to find all of the runes which are available in the game. This will allow you to upgrade the abilities of Corvo and Emily, two of the main characters in the game. 

Having said that, let's take a look at all the different locations where you can find those runes.


The first rune is available for just after you encounter the Outsider near the end of the first chapter. As you know, this is one of the first big enemies that you have but he is relatively easy to deal with, so don't worry about it. After you are done with him, continue to move along and you will see a big Heart that you can get. Pick it up and use it and it will guide you to your first Rune.

Edge of the world

In this chapter, there are a couple of runes for you to find, which makes them a lot more exciting. 

The first one is located very close to where you actually start the mission. Having said that, this means that it is possible to miss it, so be careful when you start. After you begin, look for a big dead whale and the rune will be inside of it.

The second Rune is obtainable only if you buy it from the Black Market which is located inside the town there. Of course, finding this place is definitely easier said than done. However, if you take the first left as soon as you start the mission, all you have to do is just follow the road. 

Thirdly, this rune is located in the Overseer Barracks near a table. However, be careful because there are a lot of people there, which means that you can have two approaches here. The first one is to just kill everyone and get it for yourself or you can try to use your abilities and grab it without being seen. Use some of your main abilities and you should be able to snatch it without making that much noise.

Again, there is one more rune near the Overseer Barracks. This time, it is in the Canal there, which means that once you go, you need to look for a big door. From there, you can either try to unlock it or destroy it with something. However, keep it in mind that you have to put that gate in a way so that it can block the water. This will basically "vacuum" the rune to you.

Again, the Overseer Barracks have another rune for you, this time in the safe. Of course, apart from the rune, there are also several other stuff which is very good, so you will definitely not disappointed. In order to open this safe, you need to check the combination by reading some notes which will be placed very close to it. However, if you don't want to deal with this, just use the code 516

Last, but definitely not least, this rune is located at the Outsider Shrine which is not far away from the Barracks again. You will have to walk around a bit until you find it but when you do, it is going to be well worth it. All you have to do is just go inside and deal with a couple of enemies before you get the Rune.

Chapter - The good Doctor

This chapter also has a lot of runes, similar to the one before. The first one is obtainable in the dining area where you actually start the mission itself. Of course, there will be some guards there, which means that you have to either kill them or just sneak past them. It does not matter how you do it, so just choose a method and go for it. When you're done, look on the walls until you see the Rune, which will be hanging there.

The second rune is also in the same place as the previous one. However, you need to get yourself to the roof where there will be the rune. Once you're there look for a window which leads back to the building because otherwise, you will be stuck on the roof, which is definitely not something that you would want.

The net rune is also located in the same place, however, this time you need to go to the third floor and find the door that leads to the Recuperation Area.  In order to open it though, you need to have a key which is obtainable from while you are doing the mission, so just look at your inventory.

Again, the next two runes are also located in the same place. The first one here is in the basement, which means that you have to find a way to get there. One of the easiest things to do is to just break the elevator cables and go there.  

Last, but not least, this rune is located on the fourth floor. However, in order to find it, you need to pull out the Heart and use it because otherwise, it will just take too much time.

Clockwork Mansion

There are five runes in total in this chapter.

The first one is in the main section of the district, which is easily accessible once you see the guards early on. From there, turn to your left and then look for a big building. There will be some merchants there so you can't really miss it. Once you spot it, go inside and then kill Blood flies. After you're done, continue forward until you reach the Outside Shrine, which will contain the rune. Remember that if you have troubles finding it, you can always use the Hearth to guide you.

The second rune is obtainable after you deal with the enemies that you will come across at the Carriage Station. Kill them first and then you will see the rune on the ground, waiting for you to get it. However, be careful not to deal that much damage because you might end up destroying everything there.

Again, there is a rune her located at the Black Market. Similar to the last time, you can either go there and purchase it or steal it. However, it is definitely a better idea to just buy it because it does not cost that much. What's more, if you steal it, you might get banned from using the Black Market, which is definitely something that you would not want, especially considering the fact that you will need more things from it later on.

This rune is found in the Upper Aventa District. At first glance, it might seem like it is hard to go there, however, the reality is different. All you need to do is to go to the second-story balcony and then use either Blink or Far Reach in order to get there. 

The last rune in this chapter is located inside the laboratory. However, it is definitely easier said than done because there are a lot of modules there which mean that you need to need to guess the proper one in order to get your hands on the rune.

The Royal Conservatory

Again, you need to go to the Black Market in order to get the first rune in this chapter. It is very close to where you start the mission, which means that it should be fairly easy to get it. Similar to last time, you can either buy it or steal it but it is definitely more advisable to just go and buy it. If you still can't navigate around, use the Heart to guide you on your path.

The second rune in this Chapter is located in the Outsider Shrine, which is very close to the first Wall of Light. Once you go there, you need to get on top of the building located on the right of it and then use blink in order to go to the apartment. As soon as you land there, you will have to deal with the traps there, so definitely take your time. If you don't disable them, it will be very hard for you to get to the rune. 

The next rune here is located on the second floor of the Royal Conservatory. In fact, once you go there, you might be surprised because the room will be full of plants. However, you need to navigate through them and get to the sofa which will hold the Rune.

Ashworth's Office is the next place where you need to go in order to get the rune. It is also located on the third floor, however, unlike the plants, this time you will have to face with two dogs, which are very hard to deal with. If you manage to survive there, continue forward until you reach a desk and the Rune will be very close nearby.

The last obtainable rune can be found in the basement. Once you get there, look for the Archive Key, which is very important because you will be able to unlock the Archives that you find near the stairs and the elevator. Once you unlock them, brake the glass case and you will see the Rune inside.

The Dust District

The Dust District also has some very cool places to go to. The first rune here is located on the road to Captain Foster. As soon as you leave the building there, drop down to ti and the look around until you see a door on the ground. You will have to break it down because there is no key to it. Inside, you will see the rune.

The second Rune here is located in the Dust District again. However, it is highly advisable that you go there by using the Heart because otherwise, you can get easily lost. Anyway, you need to go to the Condemned Building and reach the second-floor balcony. The Rune will be just there and there will be no one to guard it, making this one of the easiest ones yet.

The third Rune is obtainable once you go to the Crone's Hand Saloon. It could be hard finding this building, however, it is located across a small courtyard from the Condemned Building. Once there, try finding the office apartment and you will find an Outsider Shrine.

Last, but not least, we have the Rune which is located very close to the Overseer Building. In order to get it, you need to go to the second floor and find a locked evidence room. Search for the key there and once you find it, open the door and just get the Rune for yourself. In addition to it, there will also be some other stuff for you to get.

The Crack in the Slab

The last place to get runes is in this chapter. If you want to lay your hands on the first one, go to the second floor of the Aramis Stilton's Mansion and then use the Heart to guide you to the room. It is a very easy and effective way to grab it.

The second one is definitely a lot harder to get compared to the first one. However, you can always use the Heart to helo you. In order to get to it, you need to deal with the two Elites first and then search for the valve's wheel. As soon as you find it, just put it inside the hole in the brick wall which will pretty much open it.  Dive into the water-filled room and then just look for the Rune there. It is possible to screw this one up a couple of times but you should be able to get it right in the end.

The last place to get a rune is located on the second floor of the mansion, very close to a window. Once you get there, you will need to transition into the past and then deal with the Worker as well as the Guard who is standing there. Of course, this can be a tough challenge, so you need to prepare properly so that you won't have any issues.
After that, return to the present again you will see the window again, but this time, you will be able to actually climb on it. When you reach the next floor, there will also be three Guards which you need to deal with. If you manage to live through this all, you will be rewarded with the Rune there.


Some of the methods mentioned above might seem a little bit too complicated. However, if you do them a couple of times, you will find out that it is definitely easier said than done. Just give it a try.


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