Dishonored 2: all blueprint locations guide

Jul 13 2019 5 min read

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Dishonored 2 features a wide variety of weapons for you to choose from. However, in order to upgrade them at the Black Market shops, you need to collect the needed blueprints.  In fact, if you manage to get all the blueprints in the game, you can make some very powerful stuff. However, as you probably expected, that stuff is the most well-hidden items in Dishonored 2.

Despite that, as soon as you start finding them, they will slowly broaden your arsenal and provide more power.  Should you be able to find any, you need to also track down a black market in order to use them. If you have no idea how to do that, check our other articles where we covered in-depth on how to find them. Once you do find the guy, you also need to pay him in order to do the job, and it is definitely not cheap. That's why it is highly advisable that you bring some coins with you along the way.

Without further ado, here is where to find all the blueprints that you need.

Mission 02: The Edge of the world

The first two blueprints are located in Karnaca's Dockyard Quarter. However, if you want to use them as soon as possible, you`d better collect them before you rob the Black Market Shop.  

  • The first blueprint is located in a safe, which is in an office accessible via the blue awning near the bar in the initial starting docks area. The blueprint itself is called Dispersed Incendiary Release. 
  • The second one is located in the Overseer Offices. In order to get there, you need to climb up to the third floor where the safe will be located. Once there, the blueprint itself should be on the desk in the large room with the terrace. However, you need to be careful not to get caught by the Overseers. 

Mission 03:  The Good Doctor

There are three total blueprints which you can get here. 

  • The first one is called Combat Sleep Dart. In order to get it, you need to go right from the main lobby and teleport up to the balcony above the consultation sign.  Once there, go right and the blueprint should be in the safe inside the room. Unlike other safes though, this one has a passcode so look around on the nearby desk in order to find it.
  • Coming in at number two, we have the Dispersed Incendiary Release. In order to get it, you need to talk to doctor Hypatia. Once you do that, the blueprint should be on the counter right to her. This is definitely a little bit more tricky because it's easy to miss, especially if you don't pay attention.  Just make sure to look around the lab once you are done with the conversation.
  • The last blueprint here is called Mercury Vapor Distillation and it is located on one of the benches in the Joe Hamilton's quarters. It is basically one floor above the room where you see him.

Mission 04 -The Clockwork Mansion Blueprint

Similar to the previous mission, there are three blueprints here in total.

  • The first one is called Pyro-sonic Casing. It is located in the Lower Aventa District. Once there, go to the Station and find the ticket booth. There should be a door there which you need to unlock and search for a safe inside. The blueprints themselves should be on the table on the right of the safe.
  • Alloy Polarization is the second blueprint which is located in the Upper Avent District. When you get there, take the stairs to the third floor and enter the large office at the end of the corridor. 
  • Conductive Filaments is the last blueprint in the fourth mission. It is located in the Clockwork Mansion, next to the Guest's Waiting room. There should be a large desk there and the blueprint will be on it. However, this might be easy to skip so if you already passed the room, use the lever get it back up.

Mission 05: The Royal Conservatory Blueprints

  • The Reverberation Tubing  - in order to get it, enter the building near the conservatory's side entrance. Once you get there, climb on the stairs and enter the apartment. Look around and you`ll see a desk and the blueprint on it.
  • Alloy Polarization is located into the room with the ghost hound. There, you should go into a small office which is located on the left and get a key. This key is needed in order to open the door which is near the gorilla portrait in the previous room. 
  • Slug Splintering Vadges is the last blueprint here and it is located in the good-looking office at the top of the conservatory.

Mission 06: Dust District

  • Spiked Grenade is the first blueprint here and it is located on the second floor of the Crones Hand Saloon.
  • Secondary Coiling is one of the easiest blueprints to get and it is located in the basement of the Crones Hand Saloon.

Mission 07: A Crack in the Slab 

  • Unlike the previous mission, there is only one blueprint here. It's called Firing Chamber Pivot and it is located in the safe in the vault off the dining room.

Mission 08: The Grand Palace

  • The first blueprint here is called Small-scale Combustion Refinement. In order to get it, go to the building closet to the entrance to the palace ground. Once there, you need to find the mouse hole and use Shadow Walk to go there.
  • The Firing Chamber Pivot is the second blueprint and it is near the wall of light, early in the mission. In order to get it, just follow the metal tracks on the ground.
  • Folded Galvani Resin is the last blueprint here and it is located in Delilah's shrine in the Grand Palace.

Mission 09: Death to the Empress

There is only one blueprint here and it's called Counter Blast Conversion. It is located in Galvani's lab. To be specific, it is in a building near the entrance to the Dunwall tower.


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