Discord is now a game store with its own exclusives

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Discord is now a game store with its own exclusives

Desktop Discord app allows to purchase, download and launch games.

Discord rolled out bald new updates recently that turns gamers’ favourite chat app into a game store.

Users have previously had the power to start a game from Discord, without bothering to open Steam or other game store application.

From now on you can also purchase and download some games in the same place. Here is a video clip Discord has recently released, it’s not very informative, but you’ll get tickled with nostalgia vibes from the 90s, when “getting more games” was something that we really wanted. 

The current iteration of Discord Game Store includes many recognizable as well as mostly unknown titles. The Store has a section called “First on Discord”, which contains PC games that are supposed to be exclusives for 90 days. We say that they are “supposed” to be exclusive because the very first game on the list, Minion Masters can be found on Steam as an Early Access title with a 5 Euro price. On Discord, you can get the game for free.

Discord Nitro subscribers get access to a selection of P2P games for free. You can find many solid titles there, such as Metro: Last Light Redux. Hopefully, newer games will be added on the list soon.

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