Devil May Cry 5: Purple orbs locations guide

Mar 13 2019 3 min read

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Fragments of Purple Orbs are quite important, though not vital, items in Devil May Cry 5. There are only 8 of them, so it won't take too long to find each. Once collecting four, you will get a significant increase of Devil Trigger's duration, which means — easy-peasy play. You can always purchase the complete purple orbs in the in-game store, but that's not really necessary even if you aim to complete all the achievements successfully. Read the guide below to know how to get all free available improvements. 

  • Mission №4 

From this moment, you can buy the purple spheres in Nico's van. They will cost a tidy sum and, when you buy the item, subsequent ones will start to go up, but these purchases are optional: 

  • Purple Orb 1: 3.500 red orbs
  • Purple Orb 2: 6.000 red orbs
  • Purple Orb 3: 9.000 red orbs
  • Purple Orb 4: 18.000 red orbs
  • Purple Orb 5: 40.000 red orbs

Also, you can find the first piece of purple orb right on this level — you won't miss it because that's a part of the tutorial. will notice the orb on the railroad tracks.

  • Mission №5

After the battle with a colossal mantis in a warehouse, you need to go to the next area. The sphere is located above the entrance. Use the balconies.

  • Mission №9

You need to defeat the first horde of enemies in the catacombs, then walk along the corridor with candles directly into the room with a hole leading to the floor below, once again kill the mobs and look for a large wooden door. Call Nightmare to destroy it. There's an ambush, but a fragment as well.  

  • Mission №10

After collecting the blue orb on the ledge, its location we have already described in another text, continue through the corridor, simultaneously exterminating demons. Then you need to get into the gap near the white crystal.

  • Mission №11

Another non-missable orb. Defeat the Pyromanths and get the sphere.

  • Mission №12

Firstly, destroy the cocoon with the help of the Nidhogg's Hatchling in a room with a giant statue, and then a blood clot. Follow the route to the right hall — this one is higher than the others. Pick up another fragment. 

  • Mission №14

After and his pets return to their normal dimension, go straight ahead until your way splits. Then you need to turn right, destroy the cocoon and quickly return to go by the left path. Not far from the red sprout you will see a great place to land — get the orb there.

  • Mission №16

After your character survives the fall into the second hole and fights with two Pyromanths and an armoured Behemoth, continue to descend even lower, where three other demons are waiting for you. Beat'em up, then go down by the platforms — the purple orb lies there. 

Watch the video, if you have any questions:

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