Devil May Cry 5: All secret mission locations and walkthrough

Mar 14 2019 5 min read

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In addition to main quest's 15 gameplay hours, Devil May Cry 5 contains a lot of additional difficulty levels and content to re-play the game — including secret missions. There are a total of 12 secret missions, and you can obtain access to them only after first detecting the starting marker during the main levels. When you complete each of them you are rewarded with a blue orb fragment — to increase the character's health bar with it. Check this guide so you can easily find and complete them all. No, not easily. 

  • Secret mission 1

Where to find: During the second mission of the main storyline, hotel location. Since this is the first mission of this kind, it's quite difficult to lose sight of and just as easy to accomplish. 

How to complete: Kill the enemies in time. 

  • Secret mission 2

Where to find: This one is located at the third mission. While walking around sweet sewage, you will stumble upon a destroyed staircase. Jump down, stand in the centre and lift the camera.

How to complete: Quite a difficult task — destroy five Red Empusas and don't allow them to escape. Use the Prelude prosthesis and charged pistol shots, occasionally hooking the opponents. 

  • Secret mission 3

Where to find: The fourth mission of the main storyline. We need to pick the first Nidhogg's Hatchling up near the railroad tracks and destroy the wall with graffiti with using Nightmare. Achievement — check. Inside the building, you will have to wait for the second hatchling. Take it and go back to the main street, where you can now destroy the Qliphoth's roots. 

How to complete: You need to get all the red orbs. Upgrade V's ability to move faster so you can make this one easily. 

  • Secret mission 4

Where to find: Mission number five via the main quest. Defeat the first group of demons in the docks, then go down below and destroy the wall not far from the container — Nightmare should help. 

How to complete: Kill the enemies avoiding any damage. Nightmare's your best choice, be careful and look around. 

  • Secret mission 5

Where to find: The eighth mission. You need to jump onto one of the hanging plates near the second lava flow, then get to the ledge on the right, hook onto the air grips using the prosthesis and get into the hole on the other side of the room. 

How to complete: An extremely difficult test with platform mechanics. Move between the air traps, getting into the correct rhythm and timings. It is unlikely that you will accomplish it from the first time, but the path to its completion is quite obvious — you only need to memorise the correct sequence of actions. 

  • Secret mission 6

Where to find: Mission nine. Located near the catacombs' entrance, where the roots are. When you reach the place, call Nightmare and go to the secret area. The mission is at the opposite side of the protrusion above the arch. 

How to complete: A small time limit makes it much more difficult. You need to behave aggressively, constantly calling on Shadow and Griffon, combining their abilities for a quick victory over opponents. 

  • Secret mission 7

Where to find: Tenth mission.  In a spacious room, you need to defeat all the demons and go through the right door with the teeth before it closes. Go upstairs, access the mission.

How to complete: You have to defeat the Death Scissors with a single shot. Parry enemy's strikes, until a red glow, appears over it. Just fire your guns at this point.

  • Secret mission 8

Where to find: Eleventh mission it is. Destroy one of the three blood clots, jump down to the two remaining ones, watch the cutscene and go back to the corridor which leads to the second building.

How to complete: Achieve the S-rank during the mission. Opponents are tougher than usual, some of them have additional heavy armour. Kill the strongest at first, and then pay attention to everyone else — and use combo attacks. 

  • Secret mission 9

Where to find: Mission numero twelve. In the catacombs, you can see stone walls above the ledges, and you need to climb them and get into the back of the room. 

How to complete: This one is about staying in the air for some time, so you should choose a suitable weapon. The best choice would be the Cavalry motorcycle and a periodic switch to Swordmaster style.  

  • Secret mission 10

Where to find: Fourteenth mission. After all your demons return to you, destroy two blood clots and go a little further than its former base. 

How to complete: Call Nightmare right away and jump onto his back. You can also do this with the Shadow and the Griffon, but it will be much more difficult.

  • Secret mission 11

Where to find: Mission fifteen. Pass the Goddess' statue and watch the cutscene, move up — the right place is located directly under the blue sphere.

How to complete: There is a limited amount of time to make it through a challenging route with moving platforms, so do not hope to complete this one from the first attempt easily. Start the mission with fully upgraded air abilities and use the Gerber prosthesis.

  • Secret mission 12

Where to find: Mission #16. Defeat the two Chaoses and the Rage, jump to the yellow platform, and then to the tree that you need to destroy. After passing into the newly-formed hole, go down to the see another similar plant, and then step back a little. 

How to complete: Dr Faust is best here. Avoid the enemies, grab all the orbs. These tactics are most useful to finish the last secret mission. 

If you still didn't get it — watch the video below:

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