Developer update, Sombra and Halloween Event leaks

Oct 10 2016 4 min read
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During a few last days we got a lot of news about possible changes coming to Overwatch, both official and not much ones. Jeff Kaplan talked about what team's currently working on in the latest Developer Update. There are also a few leaks regarding new hero Sombra and the Halloween event we've yet to hear about from Blizzard. Let's begin!


Let's start with Jeff Kaplan's sharing the insight from development team. Main points of the video (that you can fully watch below):

Public Test Realm

  • Feedback on Widowmaker's scope changes have been positive. If she doesn't become more viable / played, they will look into her again. 
  • Genji can no longer dash through Junkrat's trap. This, and his faster ultimate charge, is to help with Junkrat's viability.


  • They are looking at changes for Symmetra. She needs to be viable in more situations.
  • Her changes aren't going to be simple number changes.
  • No details to share yet, they're still exploring. She could get a large design overhaul.
  • They do not want to make Symmetra a healer. Supports don't always need to be a healer.

Spectator Mode

  • They know a lot of people are watching tournaments and that there are tons of requests for features.
  • Work has been done on the camera to make it more stable and easier for observers to follow the action.


  • A new map has been playtested quite a bit and now they're working on art for it. There's a cool story behind it.
  • Another new map of an existing game mode is being prototyped.
  • Four other maps are in early development that are for new game modes. These are experiments for developers only, won't neccessarily all get into the game.
  • New game modes need to let all heroes shine.
  • The team is very passionate about new maps.


  • New heroes are being actively worked on, with one hero in particular being quite for along.
    • This hero is being playtested internally across the entire company.
    • Release will be sooner rather than later.
  • Another hero is being prototyped and they are very happy with it.
    • Further away from release than the other hero, sometime next year.


  • An upcoming update will open up more voice lines and emotes.


Now it's time to talk about the Halloween event. Despite Blizzard still being too quiet about it, one of the Xbox Store users found description of the event and new lootboxes.

As the description says, the new event is called Overwatch Halloween Terror and the themed lootboxes feature new skins, sprays, emotes, highlight intros, victory poses and lots of other stuff.

Besides that, Blizzard (intetionally or not) published a new comic story where you can glimpse at the new skins. Again, this is not confirmed by the devs because the comics were initially posted in Spanish and later translated by one Reddit user.

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Last but not the least - Sombra!

Sombra were in the spotlight for several weeks so far. Some people say it's a new hero that Overwatch will see soon. Others claim it's just another "hype trick" by Blizzard to make people talk about the game even more. One thing for sure - no one really knows the truth, besides Blizzard of course. However, the photo and description of Sombra leaked in the interwebs recently.

Although, there's no way to figure out if it's REAL or not, the quality of work really resembles the current Overwatch heroes, so we'll see! For now on - we'll leave it up to you guys to decide! 


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