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Deus Ex: Mankind Divided is an action role-playing video game which is developed by Eidos Montreal in 2016. However, the actual game got published one year later - in 2017. It is the fourth game from the Deus Ex series and the gameplay is a combination between a first-person shooter included with some stealth and role-playing elements which feature some amazing exploration and other cool stuff.  The main "hub" in the game is Prague and there are various quests to do here. In addition to that, you can also customize the main character's ability, respond with various lines when you are having a conversation and even do a cyberspace-set challenge, which is an addition to the main campaign.

The game itself is set in the year of 2029 as the world is divided between normal humans and those who have advanced artificial organs.  After an event happened called "the Aug Incident", augmented people have been segregated, which began the so-called "mechanical apartheid". The main protagonist in the game is called Adam Jensen and he is equipped with advanced new augmentations after Human revolution. However, in addition to him being a protagonist, he is also a double agent for the hacker group called Juggernaut Collective, which's aim is to expose the Illuminati and reveal their secrets.

What to do in the game

Now that you know what's about, Deus Ex: Mankind Divided is also packed with tons of stuff which you can unlock. There are laptops, safes, banks, and rooms which all have different rewards in them. However, it is important to know that in order to do all the things mentioned above, you ought to have searched for the various keys which can do the job. Having said that, this is something which every player used to do back when this game was new. That's why we strongly suggest that you just go out and explore the environment for the passwords which are required to open those kinds of stuff. 

Of course, if you are one of those players who just want to chill a bit and don't want to grind, we got you covered as well. Below, you will see some of the most popular passwords which are used to unlock locations in the game. Keep it in mind that this list is definitely subject to change because there are constant updates which either add new locations, new passwords or just remove some of the old ones. 

Key Codes in Deus Ex

The Key Codes (passwords). are essentially a number sequence in Deus Ex: Mankind Divided. Like we mentioned above, there are two ways in which you can look for those key codes. If you are the type of a player who just wants to explore as much as possible, here are some tips on how to do it properly.

  • The first thing you need to do is to check every pocket secretary you can find. They can contain either directly a key code or an email login details. Of course, it all comes down to luck, so be sure to explore as much as possible. Also, not all of them will be just standing on the floor waiting to be found. Some of them will be inside dead bodies and many other strange locations, so be sure not to miss out.
  • The second and probably one of the best ways to find the Key Codes is to just hack computers. This basically works in a similar way to the real-life hacking. Even if you actually fail to get a direct password, you can at least get some hints and tips on how to actually do a certain thing, which is still a plus.
  • Eavesdrop on an NPC is also very important and useful because you can get a lot of information about something. For example, listening to two security guards talking to each other can end in you understanding their secret code.

Tarvos, Picus, VersaLife and Tai Yong Medical Vault Keycards

Apart from the "normal" Keycards available in Deus Ex, there are also those special ones which basically grant special access to enter vault locations under the Palisade Bank. The vaults themselves are on different levels and in order to go there, you will need to hack the doors.  Of course, as you can imagine, getting your hands on those cars is definitely easier said than done. However, if you are lucky enough, it should be that hard doing it.

Without further ado, let's take a look at all the currently known passwords and what are they used for. 

Passwords List

On the left side of the screen, you will see the location, followed by the description and then the actual password itself.

Dubai - Second Floor Storage Area - 4801

Dubai - Penthouse - 0682

Zelen Apartment# 22 - Door to Atrium On the First Floor (once you go there, just look around a little bit) - 0310

Zelen Apartment #41 - Josef Severn's Computer (it is sitting on the desk) - thevoidwhichbinds

Zelen Apartment #23 - Hidden safe behind the fridge (this one is more tricky because you need to move it around. However, it is only movable with Augmentation, so keep it in mind that you have to use this as well) - 9002

Zelen Apartment #23 - Teresa Petauskas's computer - krodine

Capek Fountain Station - Ticket Booth Door Keypad (the ticket boot has several doors but this one should work for all of them unless a new patch changes it) - 3998

Konicky & Hracky Toys factory - Security Hub - 1980

Konicky & Hracky Toys factory - Safe inside the mini Storage (getting to the mini storage itself is a huge pain but if you follow the path which leads to it it should not be such a problem. However, be careful because there could be some people waiting there for you.) - 2489

Konicky & Hracky Toys factory - Locker - 1998

 Svobody Beer Pub - Basement Door (unlike the other locations so far, this one can be opened in many ways. One of them is just by doing the mission called Owner's, which is basically a Side Mission in Deus Ex: Mankind divided) - 1015

Tourist Infomation Center - the Tourist information Center Door (there is not really all that much you can learn here, so feel free to skip this place) - 1591

Palisade Swere Fourth Floor - Casino Safe (definitely a place where you would like to go. It is full with cool stuff) - 4863

Palisade Swere Fourth Floor - Casino Security hub - otarminator

DaiTaga - Basement - 5622

Tech Noir - Storage - 2469

North Prague - Vadim Orlov's Safe (again, a very cool place to go to because there are many interesting things for you to see) - 3608

TaskForce 29 - Storage Locker - 6354

TaskForce 29 - Safe near Shooting Range (since it is safe, it is definitely worth checking it out, even if you are not much of a fan of the TaskForce themselves) - 2023

TaskForce 29 - Door to IT support Area (definitely the BEST place here, you will get tons of information) - 5545

TaskForce 29 - Computer in the Server room (similar to the one above - a must go) - Clod04sfd8s

TaskForce 29 - Ethan's Computer - FrakkingUpTheA

TaskForce 29 -Aria Argento's Computer - tuscany2023

TaskForce 29 - Dr. Jennifer Phillips' Computer (since this is one of the main people there, it is needless to say that this is one computer which you definitely want to get your hands on) - neuroprozyne

TaskForce 29 - Peter Chang's Computer - Aphasia 5689

TaskForce 29- Infirmary Storage Room Safe (a very cool, interesting and useful safe to open) -4822

TaskForce 29 - Vincent Black's Computer - Origami1970

TaskForce 29 - Ducan Macready's computer - Sharp007

Ruzicka Station - Door to Maintenance Room - 0808
Ruzicka Station - Security room - 8066
Ruzicka Station - Security room - 8066
Ruzicka Station - Security Room Computer (if there is one thing that you want to check here than this has to be it. Of course, in order to get your hands on this computer, you need top enter the security room first, which means that you need the password mentioned above as well) - DELLAROCCA

Ruzicka Station - Ticket Booth Terminal - ANTARES

The Utulek Complex - Dr. Martine Onzime's Safe on the Fourth Floor (again, this is one of the main characters here, which makes this safe very important) - 9990

The Utulek Complex - Police Barracks on the third floor - 2223

The Utulek Complex - Medical Area on the Third Floor - 6123

The Throat - Laster Terminal - 3354

ARC Living Quarters - Security Gate (another important place to go because it will give you access to the living quarter's computer room later on) - 3468

ARC Living Quarters - Computer in Room 350420 - Vm451

ARC Operations - Mini-Storage on the second floor - ou812

ARC Operations - Marek's computer on the second floor - pozy45

ARC Operations - Viktor Marchenko's Computer on the Second Floor - strmsrg

Ty Zahrada - Security terminal on the fifth floor - raptor

Piligrim Station - Employee Only Area - 9143

Time Machine - Door to Koller's Storage - 1984

Samizdat's Office - Door to the office - 5431

Cybercrimes Office - Selina Caterer's Laptop (a very, very interesting place which will help you understand some stuff) - 7734

Lekarna Pharmacy - Nicholas Cipra's Computer - owningthedevil

Palisade Bank - Executive Service Room - 9593

Palisade Bank - Executive vault room A08 - 1305

Palisade Bank - Account Management on the eight floor - 0863

Palisade Bank  - Executive A09 Safe on Seventh Floor (if there is one place you need to go in the Palisade bank, this is it) - 2357

Palisade Bank  - Account Manager office -0831

Palisade Bank - Safe in Secret Room of Vault A - 1114

Palisade Bank - Security Room Computer on the Third Floor - clemenza 

Palisade Bank  - Safe in Vault B - 1110

Palisade Bank  - Security room computer on the seventh floor - akvld6681

Palisade Bank - Executive Servies Room Safe (this one is revealed by pressing a button under the desk. As you can imagine, it is definitely worth checking it out) - 6477

Palisade Bank - Maintenance Room on the third floor - 6745

Palisade Bank  - IT Services Door on the Ninth Floor - 1969

Palisade Bank  - Safe in Room B, Row 1 - 6641

Palisade Bank  - CEO's Office - 0211

Palisade Bank  - VIP Vault in Room B, Row 6 - 1996

Palisade Bank  - Prybil Family VIP safe - 0310

Palisade Bank  - John Miller's Safe - 1363

Palisade Station - Locked Room on the third floor - 0666

Tubehouse - Locked Door in Electronic's  Store - 0310

Palisade Station - Mini-Storage - 2565

Kopecky's Puppet Shop - Locked Workshop - 4465

LIMB Clinic - Locked Door -4464

Helipad near Limb Clinic - Front Door - 4465

London Apex Center - VIP Room on the Second Floor - 2202

Allison Complex - Door to the Fourth Floor - 0011]

London Apex CEntre - Security Overrise in Liam Slater's Office - 5395


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