Destiny 2: When Can You Co-op in the Campaign?

Jul 16 2019 2 min read

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Destiny 2 was published by Activision in early 2019 and it quickly became one of the most interesting games in its genre. It is set in a "mythic science fiction" world where you can do various stuff. In general, the game can be divided into two - Player versus environment and player versus player. Bot game types have their ups and downs but at the end of the day, it all comes down to personal preferences.

In the PvE aspect, you have the chance to play through the campaign. Apart from doing this alone, you can also hop on with your friends in a co-op. It is important to note though that you can't start a fireteam right at the very beginning. In order to do that, you need to go through some things the story.

When can we start playing co-op?

You can start playing co-op as soon as you pass the so-called "Spark" mission which is in the Red War campaign.  The first mission is similar to the one in the beta, attacking the tower. As soon as you are ready with it, you need to roam a bit across the map. Keep it in mind that you won't see much until you reach Hawthorne. She will guide you to the Farm, which is the first place where you can meet people. 

There, you will be able to unlock a mission that will lead you to a Traveller shard who will recover some of your powers. Having said that, once you are done with this mission, you will return to the Farm again. At this point, you will have the chance to play with other people. In fact, the entire mechanism is similar to the one in the previous Destiny title.

Keep it in mind that it's not always easy to play with your friends. It requires a lot more coordination, free time and organization in order to effective. We all have that one friend who is super hyped about playing a game and then just quits in the middle of it for no reason. That's why it is also possible to play with people from the internet because they are most likely consistent players.

Whispering to other players

 Destiny 2 has no global chat, at least when you play the game on PC. That's why the only chance for you to talk to other people is through whispers. In order to do that, go the Settings menu -> Gameplay -> Whisper chat.


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